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Worldwide Victron VRM portal

Nominations for: The fifth annual Dutch Interactive Awards

When you invest a six figure sum in a project, things start to happen.

Money is one thing, but that certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘ is another. That special something, it turns out, is the VRM portal built by TriMM with investment from Victron; who selected them as their web developers for the project. Now all that hard work has been recognized!

If the VRM promotional video (for the Dutch Interactive Awards) is anything to go by, it’s a solid portent. Do take a look. It is only a minute long, and to my mind very well done.

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Pacific Powerboat magazine: Quattro packs a punch

It’s good to see Victron’s products appearing in magazines, and making a difference to boat owners. This time it is the southern hemisphere’s turn.

When SeaChange, a 15m powercat luxury catamaran from Darwin in Australia, needed an upgrade, Ynovex Pty Ltd., put together a package that gave the boat a whole new lease of life.

Sailing Today test: Victron MultiPlus comes out top

The April issue of the renowned Sailing Today magazine includes an extensive comparison of inverter/chargers, and we came out  TOP. Here is what they had to say:


 Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120

“A heavy piece of kit built to withstand anything. Dutch manufacturer,
Victron, is well known in the marine market for its steadfastly-built
electrical kit and the MultiPlus combi is no exception. This baby needs
serious bolting to a bulkhead and at 19kg all-in you don’t want to drop it
on your foot!

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New enerday 500 watt fuel cell

An interesting image which I took on the Dusseldorf boatshow today. This 500 watt fuel cell is from a German company called New enerday. The fuel cell is running on propane. The dream of many sailers: silently charging batteries. No noise and no smell. It can also run on natural gas, which makes it very interesting for powering homes in countries such as the Netherlands, where many homes are connected to the gas network.

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