field test

PV Modules

A real world comparison between Mono, Poly, PERC and Dual PV Modules.

Realtime data
-- -- local time
Installation date: 09-03-2020


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --

* This is a field test and the results are specific for this installation on this location, please research which is the best solution for your own situation as the results can be different based on environmental influences.

Wiring Unlimited

A book about electrical wiring of systems containing batteries, inverters, charger and inverter/chargers

Wiring Unlimited is now available! Download it for free here: Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf

What is Wiring Unlimited?

A Victron Energy book by Margreet Leeftink, Information Developer for Victron Energy B.V.

Wiring Unlimited is all about electrical wiring of systems containing batteries, inverters, chargers and inverter/chargers – and going by the testaments on the Victron Community, an invaluable resource.

Wiring Unlimited’s primary purpose is to aid in the understanding of the basic principles behind certain electrical concepts and how they apply to Victron Energy products and the installation of such products.

Victron Community reaction to Wiring Unlimited

Here’s some Victron Community comments to give you a taste of the reaction to Margreet’s book. Topics covered in the book are below these comments.

Topics covered

Example Schematic – Parallel and/or 3 phase system DC wiring (Parallel – Measuring DC imbalance)

Example Schematic – Large system busbars


Here’s my own reaction to Wiring Unlimited – It’s the kind of booklet us old steam engineers could have done with years ago. Although I did know the basics from Royal Navy college days, it’s great to have such a comprehensive Victron flavoured document. Amazing work by Margreet.

Feel free to add your own comments/compliments in Disqus below. For technical queries please post on the Victron Community.

Download Wiring Unlimited: Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf

Other technical information downloads such as Recommended Battery Cables and much more are here.

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