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Marine Alliance with Fischer Panda announced

At the recent Düsseldorf boat show Matthijs Vader (Victron Energy CEO) and Stephan Backes (Fischer Panda CEO) were delighted to announce a mutual marine alliance at their ‘Freedom of Yachting’ press conference. What though does this announcement mean for the customer?Continue reading

ERM Energies: Solar powered containerised system

Recently, Matthijs wrote a blog that serves as a primer as to what makes for the best practices when building an unattended battery based energy system. As pointed out in that blog some of these systems are large scale containerised systems. In that blog we also asked for your own examples and suggestions when building such systems, so we can add to the knowledge base of what makes a good system.

One such example has been submitted by Jacques Noël (Victron Energy Sales Manager, France) on behalf of ERM Energies for a solar powered containerised system, which is due to be utilised by the Red Cross in Burkina Faso. Here are the details of that system.Continue reading

New blogger Justin Tyers: Burning, building & blogging…

It’s three years since I started writing and maintaining this blog, together with Matthijs. Now it’s time to spice things up a little with the addition of a new blogger. Justin Tyers is a published author and a fascinating off-beat character.

I first came across Justin after having read his books; due also to a mutual passion for sailing and the fact that he and his wife Linda lived on the Scottish island of Islay that my Grandparents had adored and resided on. Any small island with five whisky distilleries has to be interesting; back in my Grandparents days there were even more! I had planned to meet up there with Justin and Linda but life got in the way – and then I heard they were going off-grid and building a house made of straw…

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Access to Energy: A Shell Foundation, Victron Energy microgrid

Palawan island has been chosen several times as the most beautiful island in the world. Not surprising really as the Province of Palawan is an archipelago in the Philippines which includes two UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus breathtaking endless white beaches, wild forests and rugged mountains – all of a pure and untouched nature. But, even beauty can have a downside.

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