Victron Energy Training: West and Central Africa

Victron Energy training is a global affair and I often hear of events around the world, but a recent report of one such event in Ngor caught my eye. Such positive comments from the participants, not to mention the smiles.

Maybe it had something to do with the apparently trendy Ngor beach area, that could easily be in Saint-Tropez according to the Guardian newspaper. Ngor is part of the city of Dakar in Senegal and is where these first sessions (January 2017) for the West and Central Africa regions were held. Here is a brief report of how these two days of training went.Continue reading

Emerging from the dark ages


They don’t tell you about the flies when considering building a house using Straw Bales. Because crops are harvested in August or September, before we got our house wind and weather tight we could only watch as flies – by the thousand – swarmed in during the late autumn sunshine to settle in the nooks and crannies of our stacked-bales and made themselves comfortable for the winter. We didn’t hear a buzz out of them until last week when our friends arrived – the first people to sleep in the house-in-build.

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Peak Power: Nepal Microgrid

I’m very much looking forward to Justin’s next blog installment (about his Victron powered off-grid Straw Bale home) when he plans to open the Victron boxes and carry on with equipment installation. In the meantime I just received email about another fascinating off-grid project. The clue is in the headline image. What a contrast!

The Tyers family had a shiny courier van deliver all their equipment direct to their doorstep and home, where they could open the boxes amidst wood burning stove warmth. Maybe Justin & Linda have it easy after all –  just imagine instead carrying 3 x 30Kg Victron Mutiplus inverter/chargers up a 2,000 m mountain before even beginning to read the manuals…

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