Instructional video: Upgrade CCGX firmware to v2.00

This excellent instructional video gives clear, straightforward instructions to upgrade to the recently released Color Control GX firmware v2.00 – an upgrade packed with new features and improvements.

Unlike previous updates, v2.00 cannot be installed from the internet. Instead it needs a one time manual upgrade. After this, future updates can be installed automatically via the internet once again.

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Winter Solstice

Iron Age

I remember late one night, years ago, walking up to Cissbury Ring, in Sussex. It’s an ancient monument with an Iron Age Hill Fort at the top containing sixty-acres of grassland kept bowling-green-short by the constant nibbling of Southdown sheep and rabbits.

Back then the pubs used to ‘call time’ at ten minutes past eleven.
Drink-up and shove-off! the Landlord would shout into your face in the classy establishment in which I drank. So we drank-up and were just about to shove-off when, because it was such a lovely evening, my friend and I thought we’d try to climb up to Cissbury Ring in the dark. Anything seems possible after five pints of Ruddles County.Continue reading

Comeback kid Yvonne Nauta

Yvonne Nauta is a Dutch Olympic speed skater who celebrated some big successes early in her career culminating in a silver medal at the 2014 European Championships and a bronze medal at the World Championships in that same year. After 2 challenging seasons in 2015 and 2016 she decided to re-join the speed skating team that she was part of being a talented junior, the Frisian District Team ‘Gewest Fryslân’. This team is focused on grooming talented speed skaters in the province of Friesland; Victron is the proud main sponsor of this team.

Joining this successful team again turned out to be a wise decision as Yvonne won a bronze medal at the Dutch National Championships last weekend.

Qualified for the European and World Championships

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