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Silent-Yachts: A new breed of cruising yacht

Bang! Any sailor will tell you that an explosion at sea due to onboard propane gas is often one of their worst fears. Yet in this day and age there’s no need for it. Indeed Victron Energy’s owners have been using induction cooking battery power as the safe alternative for many years on their family yacht. And of course that means having high power inverter/chargers onboard. No problem when you own the company and make the ever popular MultiPlus & Quattro range!

It seems Victron are not the only company to think this way – yet Silent-Yachts have gone a stage or indeed many stages further and completely re-imagined the whole sailing and cruising experience utilising a range of Victron products including the 3 paralleled Quattros in the image above, fitted to one of a ‘new class’ of cruising yacht.

What kind of sailor are you?

Ask yourself this one simple question: How much time do you actually spend sailing or to put it another way – how often are you waiting for wind, from the right direction to get you directly to your destination at a reasonable speed in comfort?

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There’s only one thing worse than enthusiasm and that’s a lack of it – something that Nate and Steph Yarbrough clearly don’t suffer from.

I came across this exuberant couple via Victron Energy dealer Battle Born Batteries® of Reno, Nevada, who pointed me to Nate and Steph’s YouTube channel – and very professional it is too.

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Digital TV in Fiji

If you are a state broadcaster, Fiji is a difficult region.

900,000 Fijians live on 110 of the nation’s 330 islands …which are sprinkled over a huge area of the Pacific Ocean. Staying in touch with island news, or enjoying the region’s entertainment programmes, has always been challenging – often marred by weak signals and power outages. That’s all changed. Fiji now has ultra-modern Digital TV available to 97% of the population. How has this been achieved?Continue reading

Power to the Pupil …off-grid education

Grid electricity can’t be taken for granted when you happen to live in one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet. If you live in the rural part of any country ‘public services’ have a habit of passing you by; but in Botswana – with its half-a-million square kilometres of rural land – most of the country is ‘off grid’. The Government is making one of its biggest investments to make sure children don’t miss out on a modern education…Continue reading