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Winter Solstice

Iron Age

I remember late one night, years ago, walking up to Cissbury Ring, in Sussex. It’s an ancient monument with an Iron Age Hill Fort at the top containing sixty-acres of grassland kept bowling-green-short by the constant nibbling of Southdown sheep and rabbits.

Back then the pubs used to ‘call time’ at ten minutes past eleven.
Drink-up and shove-off! the Landlord would shout into your face in the classy establishment in which I drank. So we drank-up and were just about to shove-off when, because it was such a lovely evening, my friend and I thought we’d try to climb up to Cissbury Ring in the dark. Anything seems possible after five pints of Ruddles County.Continue reading

Elektro Stumpfl: Enhancing hybrid marine propulsion

All the best to our readers for 2017. Here’s the first blog of this New Year in this fast evaporating decade.

Like Victron Energy, Elektro Stumpfl have been in business for over 40 years. As a valued Victron distributor this enduring relationship has resulted in a high level of technical expertise across a range of markets – something you’d expect from such a long term relationship.

Based in Slovenj Gradec, in northern Slovenia, Elektro Stumpfl are ideally situated in Europe to deal with the marine market, amongst other sectors. One such area (which is of particular interest to myself as my electric propulsion sailing yacht is Victron enhanced) is hybrid marine propulsion.Continue reading

Justin and Linda Tyers: Our off-grid journey

At first glance, remote power specialist Victron Energy’s offer to host a series of blogs from me – that knows nothing about electronics – seems like commercial suicide.

We’re building a Straw Bale house which has a medieval-style frame – the sort where the timber joints are held together not by glue, but by wooden pegs. The 600 year-old technology used in pegged-joint timber-framing is right up my street. Our house-build is taking place within the Exmoor National Park, in the United Kingdom, and its rural location is one of the reasons we’ve decided not to connect to the National Electricity Grid. So I wondered if a blog about our amateur installation of a cutting-edge off-grid power system into a medieval-styled house might not go amiss?Continue reading

Access to Energy: A Shell Foundation, Victron Energy microgrid

Palawan island has been chosen several times as the most beautiful island in the world. Not surprising really as the Province of Palawan is an archipelago in the Philippines which includes two UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus breathtaking endless white beaches, wild forests and rugged mountains – all of a pure and untouched nature. But, even beauty can have a downside.

Continue reading