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ProWatt – Blue Power electric car

Electric production cars seem to becoming more popular, as are electric motive transport pleasure conversions and fun projects of many varieties – be they yachts, bicycles, boats, buses, vans, motorcycles, cars and even aeroplanes.

Often it’s just for fun and because you can. One such example is my own sailing yacht Elektra, then there was Ronan’s BMW i3 with supplementary batteries some time back. My own project, based on Victron Energy products through personal choice, goes back to 2012 – two years before I started blogging here and all because there was a complete range of suitable products in one place, with good access to technical knowledge and documentation. Although as an end user I suspect Johannes, Matthijs and others have baulked at some of my ‘inane questions’, resulting (kindly I may add) in me often being reminded that is why we have a worldwide network of trained distributors and dealers!

Be that as it may when it comes to ‘buying the goodies’ it seems others think the same way as me, in having identified Victron as there complete supplier of choice. Even so it still surprises me with the sheer variety of projects I come across and it’s not just end users like me. Even Victron distributors get involved in the fun in their spare time – this being the case with ProWatt’s Blue Power electric car shown in the headline image above.

Here is Lucian Popescu’s brief to me on what they did to create their own fun Blue Powered electric car.Continue reading

Saving lives in Sierra Leone

You may recall that Matthijs wrote a blog, late last year, about building an unattended battery based energy system – in essence a containerised energy system.

The idea of that blog was to serve as a primer as to what makes for the best practices when building an unattended battery based energy system. Subsequently we also asked for your own examples and ideas for such systems, in order that we could add to this knowledge base. One such example we received was about a solar powered containerised system by ERM Energies.

Now I’m pleased to say that Independent Energy B.V., from Haarlem in the Netherlands, have been kind enough to respond to our request too for examples of other containerised energy systems. Here is what Symon Miedema from Independent Energy had to say about their potentially life saving system, shown in the headline image above.Continue reading

Off-map – Off-grid

If you own a 100 Hectare property (let’s just pretend) – so large that mains power is available only in one corner of it – you face a choice between putting up ‘telegraph poles’ which spoil the view and cost a fortune, or installing some serious off-grid power kit just where it’s needed.

Alan Noble knows a bit about technology – he’s Google’s chief engineer for Australia and New Zealand. He’s also the lucky owner of a 100 hectare plot in Willunga, near Adelaide, South Australia on which he will be building a ranch over the next two years. If you live out in the sticks in an area prone to bush-fires you need to be self reliant, prepared to fight a fire yourself. It’s the policy of the grid-power provider in that region to cut power on days when the risk of a bush fire is high – yet if you rely on grid electricity, and it gets cut, how will you pump fire-fighting water, or operate the sprinkler system? For that Reason alone Alan Noble would have chosen to go off-grid.Continue reading