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Hot Stuff: New Victron Energy products

New and ever improving products are a feature of the Victron Energy brand. Personally speaking it’s often hard to keep up with this continually evolving product range, so I thought it would be handy to let you know what’s hot, what’s new, in stock and available now – just in case you’ve missed anything on the pricelist or e-order.Continue reading

MultiGrid 3000 VA accolade & availablity

How’s your inbox? I’m sure many of us have difficulty keeping track of email, especially if you are subscribed to lists and press releases for work. Some catch your eye, others not. Of course when Victron is mentioned I’m always curious and pay attention!

Below are the salient parts of a press release from Redflow that lauds Victron Energy’s MultiGrid 48/3000 – now approved for connection to the Australian electricity grid.

We’ve blogged about Redflow previously as energy storage disruptors. In principal, as far as Victron are concerned, their Redflow ZBM (zinc-bromine flow battery) is well integrated into the Color Control GX and therefore a perfect partner for our range of Bi-directional Battery Inverters (MultiPlus etc.)

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New inverter range: Totally redesigned from the inside out

As ever Victron continue to surprise with an ever improving and expanding product range, so much so it is often difficult to keep pace with the rate of change! This is a good thing though and the purpose of this blog is to highlight and introduce you to the new, inexpensive, low power range of pure sinewave Phoenix Inverters.

The range is from 250VA to 375VA in 12, 24  and 48 Volt formats. Whilst these products have been quietly introduced over the last few months, production is now set to ramp up over the Summer to keep pace with demand, plus there will be higher power models coming later in the year – and remember this is a total redesign from the inside out and includes a number of very desirable features.

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