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CCGX v2.03: Fix short absorption time for lead batteries

Good day,

Just now we released CCGX v2.03. This update fixes an issue with a (too) short absorption time for lead batteries. Note that this is really only for lead batteries. The issue does not apply to lithium batteries.

The problem occurs when the charge type in VEConfigure is set to ‘Adaptive’, or ‘Adaptive + Battery Safe’. The latter is the default setting for lead batteries: GEL, AGM, OPzV, OPzS and Traction. Systems configured for Lithium batteries are not affected as then the charge type is set to a fixed absorption time.

The problem was introduced in CCGX firmware version v2.00.

What must be done?

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Color Control GX v2.02

Good evening!

Today we released CCGX v2.02. It contains various small fixes and improvements. Especially for the UK and other single-phase oriented countries: there is now a 100A single phase grid meter available!

  • Add support for two new energy meters, the ET112 and ET340. More information here:
  • Add canbus-bms control of Solar Charger max charge current.
  • Fix logging to the VRM Portal not working for systems that contain a Lynx Ion+Shunt.
  • Fix “Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery” not always working.

Several genset start/stop fixes:

  • Fix overload/high temp conditions trigger loss of communication state. This bug was introduced in v2.00.
  • Fix time zone issue related to silent times.
  • Fix issue with configuring the quiet hours stop value.

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Instructional video: Upgrade CCGX firmware to v2.00

This excellent instructional video gives clear, straightforward instructions to upgrade to the recently released Color Control GX firmware v2.00 – an upgrade packed with new features and improvements.

Unlike previous updates, v2.00 cannot be installed from the internet. Instead it needs a one time manual upgrade. After this, future updates can be installed automatically via the internet once again.

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