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VRM Portal manual

1. Introduction

In this section:

1.1. VRM - Victron Remote Monitoring

With VRM (Victron Remote Monitoring) you can remotely monitor, control, manage and optimise your Victron Energy systems and identify potential problems early by setting alerts and alarms.

VRM is free and works with a GX device such as the Ekrano GX or Cerbo GX with internet connection or the GlobalLink 520 for smaller systems.


1.2. Features

The VRM Portal and the VRM App offer extensive features for monitoring, alerting, control and management. A brief overview of the most important features are summarised below.

Installations Overview

The installations overview is the top of the VRM menu structure. Most users will only see their single installation, and clicking on it will taken them to the dashboard. For installers and fleet managers, the installation overview can provide high level summary data and filtering for thousands of systems.

VRM Portal - Dashboard

The dashboard is the main page. It shows all information about the installation in a schematic visualisation including historical data at a glance.

Advanced Dashboard

Predefined and custom widgets: detailed charts for all devices connected to the VRM portal, enabling very precise troubleshooting.

Device control

VRM offers control over some of your Victron devices directly from the VRM dashboard. This feature allows you to quickly adjust ESS settings, control the inverter or inverter/charger and relays, start/stop the generator, and control your EV Charging Station, without needing to open the remote console.

Real-time data

Insights and actions based on real-time parameters are critical for optimal system performance and utilisation. With insights in real-time data, you can adapt your energy usage behaviour to better balance with the energy harvest, for instance using heavy appliances only when the solar yield is sufficient.

Solar Production Forecast

See your estimated future solar yield. This feature combines an AI model of your sites solar production potential with irradiance forecasting data from a global fleet of weather satellites.

Alarms and monitoring

Catch potential issues early by setting alerts and follow up on alarms to prevent definitive system failure. The VRM Portal constantly monitors and watches over your system and can also inform you by email or push notifications if something is amiss.

No data alarm, automatic alarm monitoring, geofencing, and user-configurable alarms ensure potential problems are caught early to prevent eventual system failure.

Remote Console

This feature allows full remote control of a GX Device, as if you were standing in front of it live over the internet.

Remote firmware update

Remotely update Victron products straight from the VRM Portal without need to install any software. There is no need to search for the correct firmware file either: the system has them all and clearly indicates when a newer version is available.

Remote VEConfigure

Remotely change settings including Assistants in your MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro and high power VE.Bus Inverters. All power products with a VE.Bus communication port are supported.


Advanced notification: Email, push and web notifications per device

VRM App & WidgetsVRM app Widgets

Monitor and manage your Victron Energy system from virtually anywhere in the world via the VRM app. Login with your VRM account and see all your installations in one list. Tap on an installation to view its status and details, create custom widgets, or place one of the many VRM app widgets on your mobile device's home screen to have the most important information available at a glance.

More features