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Venus v2.12

Good morning!

Just now we have released Venus OS version v2.12. It brings several new features and lots of small improvements and bug fixes. Lets start with going through the highlights.

New: naming of VE.Direct devices

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VictronConnect v4.0 is now available

VictronConnect v4.0 has arrived!

You only need look at the headline image above to gain an insight into how versatile this software is, not to mention the amount of midnight oil burned behind the scenes bringing it all to fruition. An exceptional job by software engineer Jesús Miguel Pérez.

What’s different, what’s new – the key points are:

  • Multilingual
  • Faster
  • Smoother
  • New features
  • Tablet layout
  • On-screen help
  • Easier for end users

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Venus v2.10

Good morning!

Last night we released version Venus v2.10. It contains two fixes:

  • Fix Remote VEConfigure not working with VE.Bus firmware version 418. Note that Remote VEConfigure does not work for 416 and 417, and also will never work. Have you recently installed or updated a system where you need the option to remotely change settings in the Inverter, Multi or Quattro? In that case do check if they are running 416 or 417, and if so update to 418.
  • Fix rounding of battery ‘Time To Go’ and ‘Time since last full charge’ values for systems where the battery monitor is connected via VE.Can. Such as the Lynx Shunt VE.Can, the Lynx Ion BMS, or a BMV connected via a VE.Direct to VE.Can interface cable. The error caused the values to be rounded to full hours, losing the minutes.

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