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VictronConnect 5.8 – adds inverter/charger settings and more


Good Day!

Today is an important milestone in our ongoing quest to simplify working with Victron products; whilst not giving up versatility.

VictronConnect can now be used to:

Both features require the use of a MK3-USB. For the full list of requirements, such as minimal firmware versions, see the documentation here.


The features described in this post are powerful tools. They are intended for use by Victron Energy trained Engineers, Installers and Dealers. Their usage must not be attempted by system Owners and Users.

Introduction Video


Firmware updating has become much easier:

Other changes in VictronConnect 5.8

The other significant change is that you can now disable bluetooth for many devices; in case that’s wanted. This is possible for our SmartSolar chargers, the Phoenix Smart Charger, the Smart Battery Protect and the BMV Smart. This is a process: in a few months there will be a disable-bluetooth feature for all products, including the BlueSmart Battery Chargers.

For the rest of the changes, refer to the VictronConnect changelog.


To conclude, we’re very excited about this update; and currently the developers are working hard to add setting up and configuring parallel, split and three phase systems.

And later on the list is adding support for setting up ESS Systems.

Best regards,

Matthijs Vader

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VE.Bus firmware 460, VEConfigure and Venus OS v2.33
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