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Venus OS v2.30 – Marine MFD integration and more

Good morning!

Just now we have released version 2.30 of Venus OS – the software which is at the heart of our GX Product range. I will first go through a few highlights of the updates, and then post a verbatim copy of the changelog; which as always is also available in the word file on Victron Professional.

Marine MFD Chart plotter integration

The main new feature here is the MFD Chart plotter, aka Glass bridge integration for the Marine market, as announced previously at METS. It has been tested to work now for both Garmin and Navico devices. Raymarine support is still pending. Here is a video, showing how it works:

Improvements for large off-grid systems

Having looked over the shoulder of system integrators, in this case off-grid containerised system experts Offgrid Europe and HID Europe – that led to further improvements:

  1. Adding a phase rotation alarm. What is that you might be thinking? Well, for a three phase system to connect to the supplied AC, either Generator or Utility, the phases need to be connected in the correct rotation, also known as sequence. If not, then the VE.Bus Inverter/chargers will ignore the AC supply and remain in Inverter mode. It use to do that silently, leaving the operator wondering what they did wrong. No longer, the GX-device as well as VRM will raise a warning now. Details in the GX manual.
  2. Logging the ‘run-reason’ of our Generator start/stop feature to VRM.
  3. Cleaning up the alarms. Inverter/charger overload, temperature and low battery alarms showed up twice for many configurations. And also led to VE.Bus Errors. All rather confusing; as you need to know the root cause. Now, only the root cause shows in the GUI and on VRM. Herewith an example:

A bit off topic for this release, but I want to share this anyway: the VE.Bus Error 3 shown above actually had a reason, which wasn’t immediately clear to us: on the L2 unit, the battery fuse was broken. So, whilst connected to mains; all worked well. Or at least appeared to work well. And unplugging the mains obviously caused that unit to be powerless. We have now added this to the VE.Bus error documentation: when trouble shooting errors #3, #10 and #17 – make sure to check DC fuses.

Full changelog

Remote Console
Inverter/charger monitoring
VRM Portal uplink
Generator start/stop
ModbusTCP (download the new Excelsheet from our website)

v2.30 with CAN-bus battery and incompatible DVCC setting

DVCC is only compatible with VE.Bus inverter/chargers running firmware above 422. There is a warning about that right next to the DVCC enable/disable setting in the menus.

For systems with a CAN-bus connected battery, such as BYD, Pylontech, Freedomwon and others, a VE.Bus firmware version below 422, and DVCC enabled, the overview will become unstable: data is coming and going every few seconds. Watch this video to see how that looks.

In case your system is affected by this, there are three options:

  1. Disable the DVCC feature. Also quick to do, see Settings -> System setup. It must not be enabled.
  2. Revert to v2.23. This is very quick to do. First disable the auto-updates in Settings -> Firmware update -> Online updates. Then switch back to the previous version in Settings -> Firmware update -> Stored backup firmware.
  3. Update the firmware in the Multi or Quattro inverter/charger(s). Note that this requires an installer, and reconfiguration. Details here.

In short, to quickly fix your system, see 1 or 2. But do make sure to also contact your installer and make the update of the inverter/charger. See our Battery Compatibility page with required configurations and minimum firmware versions for all supported CAN-bus connected batteries.

How to update?

You can find information about how to install the new version of Venus OS here. For the full changelog, including previous releases, visit Victron Professional.

In conclusion, I wish you a good day!

Matthijs Vader



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