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Color Control GX v1.71

Good evening,

Since v1.70, the On/Off/Charger only switch, as well as the input current limiter setting, used old values after a reboot. This problem is now fixed, with the release of v1.71.

There are no other changes in v1.71.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards, Matthijs Vader

Victron Toolkit app: Now supports even more products

The updated Victron Toolkit app version 2.3 has now been released.

What’s new?

  • Supports more products: MPPT (2 & 3 LED models), plus all Phoenix Inverters up to 1200VA.
  • Improved the LED definitions functionality.
  • Improved interface to help you find the correct LED definition quickly.
  • Any changes to product definitions are retrieved/pushed to the app automatically on start up!

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Color Control GX v1.70

Good afternoon!

A few hours ago v1.70 was made official. It has several very welcome new features, and the one that I’d like to highlight is the addition of a new overview. It is designed for Marine and RV applications, and gives direct access to the AC Current limit as well as the On/Off/Charger only settings. Also it can show up to four tank levels; for example a fuel tank, grey water tank, fresh water tank and control a pump, such as a water pump in an RV. See the headline image above for the end result.

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VictronConnect v1.9

Good morning! A short post, as I should be spending my time swimming with the kids instead of writing blogposts. 😉

Change log v1.9:

  • Phoenix Inverter: Hide “Low battery shut down” setting when dynamic cutoff is enabled.
  • BlueSolar MPPT: Make possible to select 36 and 48V battery voltage on BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 rev2
  • BMV: Include BMV-70x firmware v3.08 update

And the previous one, since I had not made a post about it yet:

Change log v1.8:

  • Include Phoenix Inverter firmware v1.03 update
  • Fix Phoenix Inverter “Low battery shutdown voltage” setting is locked and showing “Dynamic”

Best regards and have a good day,