Field test: PV Modules

A real world comparison between Mono, Poly, PERC and Dual PV Modules.

Total solar yield: --
Total solar yield: --
Total solar yield: --
Total solar yield: --
Total solar yield: --
Total solar yield: --
Installation date: 09-03-2020

* This is a field test and the results are specific for this installation on this location please research which is the best solution for your own situation as the results can be different based on environmental influences.

Total solar yield as of 27/03/2023 when the results were reset:
Mono: 9158 kWh
Split-cell: 9511 kWh
Poly: 9113 kWh
Perc: 9471 kWh
Perc-east: 1970 kWh
Perc-west: 1730 kWh

Charge to Win

Blue Smart IP65 battery chargers & accessories

Back in my day we called it Scrambles, these days we know it as Motocross or MX for short. Not only has the name evolved but so has the sport and the bikes themselves.

In a race the worst thing you could do (besides crashing) was stall the bike in a turn, which then involved trying to kickstart a tall, high compression, four stroke single cylinder motorcycle. Even with a decompression lever and the whole ‘decompressor starting faff’, it was still difficult to get going. Less so with automatic decompression systems, yet even more so when hot. The only upside was you got a stronger left or right leg, albeit with a likely offbeat gait 😉

Things thankfully were easier with two strokes, but even that required a knack to kick the bike back into life again. Either way, 4T or 2T, that often meant you were relegated to the back of the pack.

These days that is no longer the case as modern 4T MX bikes have push-button start, giving you a chance to work your way back up to the front with fast ‘on-the-button-electric-go’.

Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger

Quick race restarts aside, competition (MX & Enduro) and indeed off-road leisure (Trail & Adventure) motorcycles often sit for some weeks between races or rides – when small partially discharged Gel or Lithium batteries may struggle (especially in cold weather) to start the bike, just when you are ready to go out and play.

Enter the Blue Smart IP65 Charger; just leave it connected to the bike prior to your next outing and it will automatically maintain the battery. Add in Bluetooth along with the free VictronConnect app and you can even adjust and monitor your charger wirelessly.

Whilst motorcycle batteries these days are 12V, the Blue Smart range also caters for other markets too. Here’s the available range:

Check the product page to see what input and output voltage, also what current suits your Ah size of battery. A handy table to choose the correct charging current for your battery is included in the datasheets at the page below.

Blue Smart IP65 Charger product page:


Now you have a tip-top charger how about a smart case and any accessories you might need.

The accessories available are:

Spread the word

Need a quick 1 minute way to tell your customers the key points, here’s a short fun video to help spread the ‘Charge to Win’ word.


Personally I think the riders of today have got it easy with reliable push-button start. Mind you when I think back to the number of kick backs and the consequent pain that kick-starting motorcycles has caused me – I am now persuaded that electric start, a good battery and a battery charger like the Blue Smart IP65 is the wise move.

UB-LEISURE are Victron Energy resellers, based in East Pretoria, South Africa. If you are in that part of the world, why not grab yourself a Blue Smart IP65 Charger and any accessories you may need from them, or locate a dealer in your own country.

John Rushworth


My thanks to Gerrit Tromp for the inspiration and media for this blog. Gerrit rides a 2013 KTM 350 SX-F Cairoli Edition.

The video is by Roan Smith and his business partner Armand Booysen, of Red Bird Media Design.

The kind folks at UB-LEISURE allowed Gerrit the use of their premises to shoot the video.

Gerrit Tromp on his KTM 350 SX-F Cairoli Edition.


UB-LEISURE website:

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Red Bird Media Design on Facebook:


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