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Africa: Distributor meeting, solar show, training and dancing!

Cram it all in. At least that’s what Victron Energy staff, distributors and customers seemed to do recently. I’m not so sure about some of the dance moves though…

On 27th March it was the Victron Energy African distributor meeting in Sandton at The Venue Green Park, the 28th-29th saw the Power & Electricity World Africa Exhibition (The Solar Show) at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, with an impressive Victron stand demonstrating many new products. Last but not least on the 30th it was a Victron Energy Training day at the Protea Hotel by Marriott® Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton.

And then there were meals, socialising, awards and dancing too – all in all a very packed four days.

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Fully Charged

I don’t know about you but I’m a great fan of Fully Charged, on YouTube, hosted by Robert Llewellyn.

Last Wednesday’s show featured Redflow’s ZCell batteries at Simon Hackett’s home. The day following the show publication and at the time of writing this blog – the show was already showing over 11,000 views. And now, 4 days later,  it’s at 59,000 views on the date of publication of this blog.

We’ve blogged about theZCell batteries before and the fact that Redflow are great fans of Victron Energy products such as the MultiGrid – and so it was all very pleasing to see Robert getting to grips with Victron’s Color Control GX, being shown around Simon’s house, and the Redflow lab which showed a number of Victron Energy Quattro units.Continue reading

Hot Stuff: New Victron Energy products

New and ever improving products are a feature of the Victron Energy brand. Personally speaking it’s often hard to keep up with this continually evolving product range, so I thought it would be handy to let you know what’s hot, what’s new, in stock and available now – just in case you’ve missed anything on the pricelist or e-order.Continue reading

The Victron Energy calendar

Hopefully many of you will have received Victron Energy’s calendar at the beginning of this year. If you didn’t I thought it would be nice to catch up on the photos of the months to date and to learn something of the background to the calendar and who created it.

That person is in fact Marianka Pranger. Here, in her own words, is a little about the process of making the calendar.Continue reading