Prepare for Take Off: VRM App goes Open Source

In the words of my personal invite to test drive a Tesla Model S: Prepare for take off! Great news for me, even though affording one is unlikely…

On a more down to earth but equally exciting note, the same can be said of Victron as today I learned that the VRM app is officially going Open Source – and unlike a Tesla it is free.  So to all you software developers out there: Prepare for take off too!

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Victron MPPT Shines: Fitting solar panels to boats

Stumbling across the January 2015 issue of Practical Boat Owner, my eye was drawn to an article by Dave Berry. Fitting solar panels: There are many types of solar panels and regulators, but which might constitute the most effective set-up for your boat?

As I hope to install some more solar this season I was intrigued, as it was clear Dave had gone through the same thought processes in fitting solar to his own boat, as I have been with mine. Also it was great to see the Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 showing benefits over a Morningstar SunSaver 20 PWM Solar Controller, as you can see in the headline image above.

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