Victron Energy people: Who is Lucian Popescu?


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Lucian Popescu

My name is Lucian Popescu, Sales Manager for the Eastern Europe countries (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia) which was previously the responsibility of Ruurd ten Brink and Leo Yntema. I live in Romania, near Bucharest with my wife Iulia and our son and daughter. Continue reading

Adventures in comfort.

I don’t know if it’s our sense of Maritime History – those great timber sailing ships from the age of exploration – but whenever we climb on board a yacht the first thing we look out for is the quality of the woodwork …then run our hands along wood which look as though it’s coated in glass. Shore based explorers climbing on board a Camper Van haven’t been able to experience the same pleasure …until now.Continue reading

GreenAkku – Victron Energy powered Tiny House

Victron Energy dealer Bosswerk GmbH & Co. KG or GreenAkku as they are usually known are based in Nettetal, about 30km West of Düsseldorf. They have developed the Tiny House you see in the photo above.

GreenAkku will be attending Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2018 in FG Hall 11/11-03 later this week, between Aug 25th – Sep 2nd, where their Victron Energy powered Autarkes Tiny House will be on show.

Additionally Victron Energy’s display will be in Hall 13/D82 and Victron Energy dealer Accusysteme Transwatt GmbH will be in Hall 13/E64.

If you are not familiar with the tiny house movement then I’d like to refer you to an earlier blog which explains all: At home with Victron Energy – The Tiny House revolution

If you are familiar with Tiny Houses then why not jump right in and check the spec of GreenAkku’s fully loaded Autarkes Tiny House.

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Silent-Yachts: A new breed of cruising yacht

Bang! Any sailor will tell you that an explosion at sea due to onboard propane gas is often one of their worst fears. Yet in this day and age there’s no need for it. Indeed Victron Energy’s owners have been using induction cooking battery power as the safe alternative for many years on their family yacht. And of course that means having high power inverter/chargers onboard. No problem when you own the company and make the ever popular MultiPlus & Quattro range!

It seems Victron are not the only company to think this way – yet Silent-Yachts have gone a stage or indeed many stages further and completely re-imagined the whole sailing and cruising experience utilising a range of Victron products including the 3 paralleled Quattros in the image above, fitted to one of a ‘new class’ of cruising yacht.

What kind of sailor are you?

Ask yourself this one simple question: How much time do you actually spend sailing or to put it another way – how often are you waiting for wind, from the right direction to get you directly to your destination at a reasonable speed in comfort?

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