CCGX v1.74: Automatic pump starting and MQTT

Good afternoon,

Color Control GX firmware version v1.74 has been released. It contains two principal changes:

Pump auto start/stop

  • Fixes the auto start/stop functionality. For more information about this feature, see the manual.


  • Reduce load on authentication server for
  • Add keep-alive mechanism: only send data when someone is listening. Reduces traffic as well as server load.

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METS 2016: MultiPlus anniversary and NMEA 2000

METS is billed as the world’s largest Marine Equipment Trade Show and is one of the most eagerly anticipated shows on Victron Energy’s events calendar. This year proved no exception with the show being held last week in Amsterdam from Tuesday through to Thursday.

According to the METS website: “The 2016 edition of the METSTRADE Show has once again broken all previous records for exhibitor and visitor attendance while setting a new benchmark for how a B2B exhibition becomes a memorable event for all involved”.

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CCGX v1.73 – Hub-1, BYD B-Box and more lithium batteries

Good evening!

This release adds support of BYD B-Box, Sony fORTELION and Puredrive lithium batteries for Energy Storage systems using our Hub-4 Assistant.

Also there is a improvement for installations running the Hub-1 Assistant in combination with our VE.Bus to VE.Can interface: that interface is no longer needed. Which -finally!- fixes the problem that the Solar yield and Consumption graphs on VRM were wrong for these types of systems.

BYD, Sony and Puredrive lithium batteries

After adding Pylon last week, this release adds even more batteries compatible with the Hub-4 Assistant:

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