ERM Energies: Solar powered containerised system

Recently, Matthijs wrote a blog that serves as a primer as to what makes for the best practices when building an unattended battery based energy system. As pointed out in that blog some of these systems are large scale containerised systems. In that blog we also asked for your own examples and suggestions when building such systems, so we can add to the knowledge base of what makes a good system.

One such example has been submitted by Jacques Noël (Victron Energy Sales Manager, France) on behalf of ERM Energies for a solar powered containerised system, which is due to be utilised by the Red Cross in Burkina Faso. Here are the details of that system.Continue reading

New VRM Portal

Good morning!

Faster, better graphs and better navigation. And a fresh set of colours. For all of us that are familiar with the old site, this new one might take a bit of getting used to. It did for me at least (smile). But, I promise you: it’s worth it.

For me, the new speed, and also the integrated graph on the dashboard is what I like most. The screenshot above shows that graph. The red bars show the consumption, the yellow bars show the solar yield. With one bar per hour now, which is much easier to interpret than the two-hour bars we had in the previous version. Also, overlaid on the same graph, you can see the state of charge in blue.

Lets go through a few screenshots, showing the new features and changes:

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CCGX v2.00: ESS and many more improvements

Good evening! After lots of hours designing, programming, testing by many people involved, I can now announce CCGX v2.00: an upgrade packed with new features and improvements. There are two highlights:

First of all the user interface has been improved: the overview better adopts to the installed system. And behind each entry in the device list, you can now see the main parameters.

Secondly, v2.00 marks the release of ESS. Short for Energy Storage System, it is the result of all experiences learned from the Hubs. We have combined all options in one, simplifying setup and configuration. Also, ESS has several new features, and it is much easier to understand how it works and why it is doing what it is doing. Most of the Hub-1 and Hub-2 policies are now deprecated for new installs, as is the Hub-4 Assistant. For exact details see the Comparison chapter in the ESS manual.

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Justin and Linda Tyers: Our off-grid journey

At first glance, remote power specialist Victron Energy’s offer to host a series of blogs from me – that knows nothing about electronics – seems like commercial suicide.

We’re building a Straw Bale house which has a medieval-style frame – the sort where the timber joints are held together not by glue, but by wooden pegs. The 600 year-old technology used in pegged-joint timber-framing is right up my street. Our house-build is taking place within the Exmoor National Park, in the United Kingdom, and its rural location is one of the reasons we’ve decided not to connect to the National Electricity Grid. So I wondered if a blog about our amateur installation of a cutting-edge off-grid power system into a medieval-styled house might not go amiss?Continue reading