Straw Bale House – Off Grid for everything

It’s been a year since we went ‘off-grid’ for electricity – so I thought it might be useful to take a long view of our experience.

Mains (utility) electricity goes right past our house, but when we discovered that it would cost £10k for us to connect to it, we decided to spend the money on a 4kw solar array, 48V/440Ah batteries, Multiplus 5000VA, and MPPT 150/100.Continue reading

Cold Tinny Cobber?

Confused by the heading – it’s informal Australian for would you like a cold beer my friend?

Aussies like their cold tinnies, but what to do when camping in the wilds away from a fridge and even worse what if you are travelling by a luggage space restricted motorcycle – or to put it another way – not enough beer room! That wasn’t going to stop thirsty Mike Haydon of 24 Hour Solar Power and his riding buddy. Continue reading

Collaboration to deliver PAYG solar solutions to the Congo

Victron Energy offers many beneficial products for pay-as-you-go (PAYG), enabling customers to take advantage of high quality systems at an affordable cost. Collaborations are being forged with various partners to offer turnkey solutions in this domain.

BBOXX, a next generation utility, has recently launched PAYG solar systems in towns and cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This has been enabled through a technical collaboration with Victron Energy and will deliver reliable, clean and affordable power to businesses, enhancing productivity and powering growth.

My thanks to Yoann le Fol (Victron PAYG sales engineer) and BBOXX for the information used in this blog.

John Rushworth

What is PAYG?

Continue reading