Lotte’s passion powers her to the Olympics!


Lotte van Beek provided crowds of Victron staff at our office today – together with millions of viewers around the globe – with some spectacular sport this afternoon. In the thrilling Ladies 1500m Olympic Speed Skating event she finished just 0.9s behind the gold medal wining performance by team-mate Ireen Wust.Continue reading

Straw Bale House – Off Grid for everything

It’s been a year since we went ‘off-grid’ for electricity – so I thought it might be useful to take a long view of our experience.

Mains (utility) electricity goes right past our house, but when we discovered that it would cost £10k for us to connect to it, we decided to spend the money on a 4kw solar array, 48V/440Ah batteries, Multiplus 5000VA, and MPPT 150/100.Continue reading