DIY ingenuity: Hydro Power in the Austrian Alps

You could be forgiven for thinking Markus Pauritsch is a fireman in his day job. In fact he’s been an IT professional for the last fourteen years, working in their ten employee family business. In my experience IT types like to tinker in their spare time and Markus is no different. His DIY tinkering has led to an off-grid project which has inspired him to get more involved in renewable energy themes and hopefully expand their business into that area.

If ingenuity is anything to go by he’s certainly moving toward that goal – and to my mind takes first prize when it comes to using Victron products in unusual ways.

Now, what about those fire hoses?Continue reading

Victron Energy Calendar 2018 – available now

Here’s a teaser photo from the 2018 calendar, in the headline image above.

Flipping to the last photo in this year’s calendar (showing Victron’s electromagnetic compatibility [EMC] test facility) I ponder what 2018 will bring. Luckily I’ve seen a preview of it, so it’s only fair to share the 2018 theme – refreshingly different, yet again.Continue reading

Victron Energy people: Who is Richard IJzelendoorn?


This insight is part of the ‘Victron Energy people: Who is who?’ series of blogs.

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Richard IJzelendoorn

My name is Richard IJzelendoorn and I live in Muchamiel (Alicante) Spain, with my wife Chantal, son Maxim and daughter Liz. As my name suggests, I’m not a native of Spain.Continue reading