Solar Challenge Chihuahua: Mexico solar car race

I recently heard from Victron Energy’s Sales Manager for Central & South America. Gerrit Jacobs is based in Panama and with his help Victron have sponsored (along with others) and donated equipment to the Mechatronic faculty of the Technological University of Tijuana, Mexico. The equipment has been used to power and monitor their solar and human-powered car, in preparation for the Solar Challenge Chihuahua.

This solar car race is supported by the Chihuahua AC Solar Challenge, a non-profit organisation founded in the city of Chihuahua in 2013. Its aims are to promote the work between universities and business, through research and innovation in solar energy.

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TRITEC & TUGE Energia: Multipluses with grid connected wind turbine

TRITEC is an international group of companies specialising in photovoltaic systems. With over 5,000 solar projects every year they are obviously a valued Victron Energy customer. Solar it seems is not their only specialisation either as they have, together with TUGE Energia, integrated a number of Victron Multipluses into a grid connected TUGE® wind turbine system.

Simon Schmidt of TRITEC kindly put us in touch with Sergei Melentjev, the CTO of TUGE Energia who are based in Tallinn, Estonia. Under the TUGE® trademark, Sergei and his team have developed and manufactured a range of small 10 and 20 kW wind turbines.Continue reading

VictronConnect v2.0

Good day! The highlights of this new version are the Bluetooth related Android 6.0 and Samsung Galaxy S5 improvements. Getting that right was quite a headache for our software designers, not to mention the number of phones we had to buy to test and figure out all the growing nuances. But, that is all water under the bridge now: I can report that most and hopefully all Android issues have been solved!

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