BlueSolar MPPTs VE.Direct: v1.17 firmware available

A new firmware version! Bringing new features and also one, small, bug fix, related to an LED indication. And have you seen the latest addition to our MPPT BlueSolar charge controller range, the 150V/100A model,  nearly 6kW (!) of charging power?

1. Improved Pay-As-You-Go options

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) firms sell solar and/or backup power kits. Paid for by their customers by small monthly installments instead of a the usual lump-sum payment. PAYG firms often use technology that locks the functionality in the event of non-payment by the consumer. A great deal for the end-user: less risk, and less money to invest, while keeping risks for the provider within limits.

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Victron Energy people: Who is Islam Varol?


This insight is part of the ‘Victron Energy people: Who is who?’ series of blogs.

For a complete list of Victron Energy people in this series please see:

Islam Varol

My name is Islam Varol and I‘ve been the Sales Manager for Turkey & the Caspian area since 2010. I live in Istanbul, but I was born and raised in The Netherlands (Hilversum).

Although I studied Social Sciences, I was always fascinated by technology in relation to nature. It didn’t take long for me to understand that with solar power these two interests could be combined, so I started working for a solar company in The Netherlands. Later when an opportunity arose to work for Victron Energy I jumped at the chance, as Victron’s innovative products had a far greater range of uses in all sorts of different applications and places – plus Victron is a really fun and cool company to work for!Continue reading

Victron Energy boost for Western High Solar Cats

There’s only one thing worse than enthusiasm, I was told when younger – and that is a lack of it!

There’s no risk of that with the Western High Solar Cats team. They are passionate about their work and it seems Victron Energy’s products too. A recent email from team member Stephen Thomas said : “We owe a big thanks to Victron for all the support they have given us, which will help our 2016 solar car challenge program go even further.”Continue reading

Victron & Open Energy Monitor (EMON)

Guest post from Alp Tilev, CTO at Great Lakes Energy in Rwanda, about their work integrating the BMV-700 into EMON, an open source software project.

Alp Tilev:

“At Great Lakes Energy we love Victron products.  Through 10 years of delivering off-grid solar power systems in Rwanda we have learned that the key to providing reliable energy in off-grid solar sites is remote monitoring. We’ve been using several tools to accomplish this task, including the Victron Color Control. However, sometimes we have to work with sites that have non-Victron equipment installed and for these sites we’ve found that the Open Energy Monitor (EMON) is a great tool.

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