India: Victron Sponsored Solar Ferry in Operation

Recently India’s very first solar ferry was launched. The event was inaugurated by Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan Hon’ Chief Minister of Kerala. The chief guest was Sri. Piyush Goyal Hon’ Minister for New & Renewable Energy.

Sponsored in part by Victron Energy, the solar ferry went into service on January 13th 2017 for the Kerala State Water Transport Department sailing between Vaikom and Thavanakadav.

The ferry is named ADITYA and besides being the first solar ferry in India, she is also India’s largest and fastest solar boat. During full load trials for classification she achieved 7.4 Knots @ 90% power. Here’s a short video to give you a flavour of the ‘sunshine ferry’.

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Marine Alliance with Fischer Panda announced

At the recent Düsseldorf boat show Matthijs Vader (Victron Energy CEO) and Stephan Backes (Fischer Panda CEO) were delighted to announce a mutual marine alliance at their ‘Freedom of Yachting’ press conference. What though does this announcement mean for the customer?Continue reading

Color Control GX v2.02

Good evening!

Today we released CCGX v2.02. It contains various small fixes and improvements. Especially for the UK and other single-phase oriented countries: there is now a 100A single phase grid meter available!

  • Add support for two new energy meters, the ET112 and ET340. More information here:
  • Add canbus-bms control of Solar Charger max charge current.
  • Fix logging to the VRM Portal not working for systems that contain a Lynx Ion+Shunt.
  • Fix “Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery” not always working.

Several genset start/stop fixes:

  • Fix overload/high temp conditions trigger loss of communication state. This bug was introduced in v2.00.
  • Fix time zone issue related to silent times.
  • Fix issue with configuring the quiet hours stop value.

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Instructional video: Upgrade CCGX firmware to v2.00

This excellent instructional video gives clear, straightforward instructions to upgrade to the recently released Color Control GX firmware v2.00 – an upgrade packed with new features and improvements.

Unlike previous updates, v2.00 cannot be installed from the internet. Instead it needs a one time manual upgrade. After this, future updates can be installed automatically via the internet once again.

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