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Color Control GX v1.32 firmware released (includes v1.33, 1.34, 1.35 updates)

Update 3rd Mar – v1.35: v1.35 has been released, fixing a bmv related energy (kWh) calculation issue. Visible in the graphs on the Solar yield and consumption tab on the VRM portal.

Update 1st Mar – v1.34: version v1.32 accidentally created problems in certain VE.Can installations. This has been fixed in v1.34, already released this morning.

Update 25th Feb – v1.33: the update accidentally removed the Chinese fonts from the system. This has been fixed in v1.33, already released this morning.

Original post:

Color Control version v1.32 is now available. The main highlight is the expansion of Hub-4, our solution for grid-parallel energy storage:  split- and three-phase systems are now also possible!

Split- or three-phase Hub-4 – how does that work?

In such a system, there is at least one Multi (or Quattro) installed on each phase. They will automatically charge or discharge, depending on the available PV power versus the power draw from the loads.

Excess PV power available:
When the system as a whole, ie. the sum of power on all phases, produces power (PV power exceeds consumption), the Multis on the phases with a net power production will be set to charge the battery. Multis on phases with a net power usage, Ppv < Pload, will be idling.

Shortage of PV power (typically in the evening and at night):
When the system as a whole consumes power, ie the consumption exceeds PV production at that moment, the Multis on the phases with a net power usage will discharge the battery to compensate for the shortage. And the Multis on phases with a net power production will be idling.

Installation requirements and details:

More information in the updated Chapter 3 of the Hub-4 manual.

Note that it already was possible to use one Multi in a multi-phase installation. Use the three-phase energy meter, and enable phase-compensation in the Hub-4 settings on the Color Control GX. For details see the Hub-4 manual.

Full change log of v1.32

How to install this new firmware?

By default, a Color Control will automatically download and install new firmware via the internet, as soon as there is a new version available. For a manual update, follow instructions here.

Thats it for now, enjoy and we’ll be working on more improvements in the meantime.

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