VictronConnect 1.3: adds firmware updates

A new version of VictronConnect is out and its main new feature is the addition of automatic firmware updates. For both BlueSolar MPPT Chargers as well as the new Phoenix Inverters 250 and 375VA. It is not necessary to first download the right firmware file, or even select it: all arranged automatically by VictronConnect!

Also, it is no longer necessary to take out your laptop, a VE.Direct USB interface and the VE Power Setup Software. Instead, update the products straight from your phone.

Download and manual

VictronConnect will automatically update itself to the latest version. For more information see the download page, and the VictronConnect manual.

Changelog v1.3

  • New feature: Firmware updates. Firmware updates are included inside VictronConnect, when connecting to a product with a new firmware available the update page will pop up and guide the user through the firmware update. Included firmware on this version:
    • VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle v2.05
    • BlueSolar MPPT VE.Direct v1.16
    • Phoenix inverter 250 and 375 VA v1.01
  • Note that those firmware updates are all mandatory, meaning that you’ll need to start and complete the firmware update before it is possible to use VictronConnect to monitor and configure the device.


  • Fix the app state handling, now VictronConnect disconnects from the product when the app is sent to the background or when receiving a call.


  • Improved USB OTG support on Android 6 (Marshmallow)

BlueSolar MPPT

  • Added total yield (system and resettable) to the history page.
  • Remove white space displayed on history records for MPPT without load output
  • BatterySettings: Only supported voltages are displayed.
  • Fix an issue that sends the voltage values automatically when entering to the battery


  • Correct maximum starter battery voltage on history page

Phoenix inverter

  • Fix wrong product name displayed (250VA was shown for a 375VA Inverter, and the other way around)
  • iOS: Fix product info page doesn’t open
  • Change power bar color to red when the nominal power is passed
  • Display a warning box notifying that the “Store settings” button should be pressed to make the changes permanent

Known issues:

  • iOS: Wrong splash screen during launch


Enjoy, and please put any comments or ideas below in the Disqus commenting system.

Matthijs Vader

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