Batteries: Lithium-ion vs AGM

In light of my last post concerning the use of the DC or Hybrid concept for electrical power, it occurred to me that the system could also have used monobloc AGM/Gel batteries or indeed a bank of long life 2 volt gel cells. In that case why was Lithium chosen? Hopefully this post may go some way to highlighting that decision process.

Across all markets over recent years Lithium-ion batteries have been gaining in traction [sic]. To the uninitiated it is easy to dismiss Lithium-ion as an expensive alternative to VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) technologies such as AGM (absorbed glass mat), if simply looking at the amp-hour (Ah) rating. This was the initial mistake I made a few years back. Digging deeper it became clear to me that there is a lot more than Ah ratings to consider, when choosing the best batteries for your application.Continue reading


Impossible Robotics: Victor has landed!

Who is Victor? Victor is the robot built by the team ‘Impossible Robotics, who Victron Energy sponsor.

Victor and the team have now safely landed in Richmond, Virginia, USA. After some successful practice yesterday, today is the big day for the team as the qualifications beckon.

Now we’re delighted to announce that Victor has passed inspection and is all ready to go for qualifications starting today, as the team’s happy faces in the photo above show. Continue reading