Annemiek – making a helluva splash in Aarhus

Sixty boats are competing in the 49erFX sailing class at the Sailing World Championship currently being held in Aahus, Denmark. The battle for the World Champion title – and for qualification in the Olympics in Tokyo in two years’ time – is being fought-out over six days of racing …with the final ‘medal’ race taking place on Saturday 11th – this coming weekend. Impatiently, perhaps, we couldn’t wait until the weekend for news so we thought we’d phone Victron-sponsored Dutch sailor Annemiek Bekkering who is taking part in the competition to find out how she is getting on. Amazingly… it turns out!Continue reading – DIY Solar Install & Tutorial

There’s only one thing worse than enthusiasm and that’s a lack of it – something that Nate and Steph Yarbrough clearly don’t suffer from.

I came across this exuberant couple via Victron Energy dealer Battle Born Batteries® of Reno, Nevada, who pointed me to Nate and Steph’s YouTube channel – and very professional it is too.

If you are considering a solar setup on your campervan, motorhome, RV and you don’t know where to start then this blog is for you with an install video and downloadable DIY guide – which includes parts, prices and a wiring diagram.Continue reading

Digital TV in Fiji

If you are a state broadcaster, Fiji is a difficult region.

900,000 Fijians live on 110 of the nation’s 330 islands …which are sprinkled over a huge area of the Pacific Ocean. Staying in touch with island news, or enjoying the region’s entertainment programmes, has always been challenging – often marred by weak signals and power outages. That’s all changed. Fiji now has ultra-modern Digital TV available to 97% of the population. How has this been achieved?Continue reading