Powering up after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria – the deadliest storm of the 2017 hurricane season – made landfall in Puerto Rico, on September 20th last year with winds of up to 155mph. In addition, almost 40″ (1 metre) of rain fell. The wind and storm surge destroyed 80% of the buildings in some townships, and killed 64 people on the island of Puerto Rico alone according to official records (Harvard University estimates the figure was actually 4,600) together with many more throughout the Caribbean region.

Aid agencies responded with food, clean water and medical care – but with an estimated 3.4 million people without electricity we tell the story of one organisation trying to make a difference to the rural families who need power, but are least likely to get it.Continue reading

Stealing the Silver…

Dutch sailor Annemiek Bekkering and her crew Annette Duetz put on a scorching display in their 49erFX to secure second place in the Medemblik Regatta which concluded last weekend.

The Dutch team had taken delivery of a brand new boat a couple of weeks earlier – they get a new one every couple of years – and spent five days setting-up the rig to their preferred arrangement, followed by five days of sea trials …then they were ready to go!Continue reading

Signal K: Embracing connectivity with Victron Energy

As a mariner you’ll know communication is key to a safe, well run vessel. Communication though can be difficult at sea, particularly when it comes to the marine electronics version with its multiple, different data standards.

International Code of Signals (ICS), K for Kilo: ‘I wish to communicate with you’.

What if there was the electronic equivalent of the K for Kilo code flag whose premise is that of the ICS – an international system of signals and codes for use by vessels to communicate important messages, regardless of the native language?

There is such a beast – and not unsurprisingly it’s called Signal K.

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