Venus OS v2.20: Scheduled charging, Equalize and more

Today we have released a new version of Venus OS – the software which controls the Color Control GX, Venus GX and Octo GX.

The highlights in v2.20 are the addition of Scheduled Charging for ESS systems, addition of the GX GSM, and a Start equalize button: no more toggling of the rocker switch back and forth on Multis and Quattros.

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West Africa: Victron Energy off-grid solar power conferences & training

Victron Energy is not all about the manufacture of power electronics products.

For instance Victron also organise conferences in West Africa (and many other locations) on a regular basis. These half-day events are designed for decision-makers from both the public and private organisations involved in renewable energy. Typical audiences includes members from ministries, rural electrification agencies, energy regulators, private companies, international corporations, investment funds, research centres, NGOs, etc.

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Victron options: MAN trucking comfort

Every MAN deserves comfort – and no that’s not being sexist, it’s MAN trucks for men and women lorry drivers we’re talking about. Gone are the days of a blanket and stretching out over the truck seats. These days drivers need home comforts in their cabs. And that’s in part where Victron Energy comes in.

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Nigel Calder and the Integrel 9kW ‘Alternator on Steroids’

The screenshot above is that of world renowned yachting systems author Nigel Calder in the Triskel Marine lab with their new to market Integrel product, which makes some powerful claims – up to five to ten times the output of a conventional alternator.

Integrel stands for Intelligent Generation of Electricity and as you can see – Victron products are part of the system. But what exactly is Integrel?

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