Thinking Big in Botswana

Botswana has a huge land area and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

Remote communities, Industry, and also the wealthy tourists who are welcomed from all over the world to take part in wildlife safaris – need electricity in locations where there is no ‘grid’. The large installations and Mini Grids needed to provide electricity to these groups require special understanding: For that reason Victron’s André du Rand is conducting some Large Installation Training.Continue reading

Venus OS v2.17 & v2.18 – just released!

The new version of Venus OS – the software which controls the Color Control GX, Venus GX, and Octo GX – has just been released. It includes some great new features, and also various bug fixes.

v2.18 was released one day after v2.17; and contains one more fix; relating to ModbusTCP alarm registers 34, 35 and 36; see below.

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Solar Power in Industrial Quantities

Electronics company Bosco Printed Circuits, who are located in Johannesburg, were used to seeing production come to a halt on their shop floor as often as twice a week – caused by power cuts. Sometimes the outages were scheduled, sometimes they just happened. Every time there was an unexpected power outage the electroplating machines would freeze half way through a job, and all materials would have to be scrapped. It was time to act…

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Solar powered Sea Scouts

Scouting, including the Sea Scouts is a wonderful way to develop and mature as a young person. It certainly helped me and it seems Victron Energy Sales Manager Margreet Leeftink in her youth too – to the extent she still stays in touch with her old group.

One of Margreet’s old Sea Scout group (Jesse Berends) takes up the story of how maintaining contact has been of benefit to all. Never a bad thing!

Thanks must go to Jesse for his hard work in putting this guest blog together and Roos van Belle for her photographs, without which this blog would be incomplete.

John Rushworth

Scouting connections

In the past few years we have fantasised many times about installing solar panels on our boat (we like to call it a ship). In those same years, it always ended with ‘it has no priority at the moment’ and at the end of 2017, the same thing was going to happen.

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