Venus v2.08 – Fixes Energy Meter ET340 bug

Good day, just now we have released Venus v2.08.

First let me explain what is Venus. Venus is the name of the software that runs on both the Venus GX and the Color Control GX. This software update is available for both devices. So, Venus is software, and the Venus GX is hardware.

All Color Control GX-es and Venus GX-es that are part of an ESS install and which are using the ET340 meter must be updated to this version.

v2.08 has only two changes:Continue reading

Illuminating Burkina Faso

Working with the charity Assolidafrica 07, a group of teachers and students from the French High School Iscles Manosque have been to install lighting and electricity; computers and a photocopier, in two remote schools in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked African country just north of the equator whose 17 million people are spread out over 100,000 square miles, and whose official language is French. The two remote schools to benefit from this equipment were College de Boulma and College de Kapon (440 students) – separated by an hour’s drive through the bush by car.Continue reading

SmartSolar MPPTs with Bluetooth Smart built-in

Previously we’ve reported on the SmartSolar  MPPT 250/100 & 250/85. Now we can add the following models, also with Bluetooth Smart built-in:

As Bluetooth Smart is built-in there’s no need for a VE.Direct to USB interface or VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle to use the free VictronConnect software or app, as you would need to do with the standard MPPTs.Continue reading

VictronConnect v3.1 released – demo, save, share & load

VictronConnect just gets better and better, especially now with the release of v3.1 which includes a demo mode – absolutely ideal for those in a sales or supporting role – such as Victron Energy distributors, dealers, installers and Victron employees.

Even if you don’t fall into any of those categories it’s very handy to discover what VictronConnect can do or simply to demonstrate it to friends.

New features don’t stop there though.

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