Victron Energy people: Who is Nigel Vincent?


This insight is part of the ‘Victron Energy people: Who is who?’ series of blogs.

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Nigel Vincent

Hi, does anyone fancy a toasted sandwich?

I’ve often been seen serving up these mouth watering delights at motor racing events such as the 2016 OMC Boanerges Autosolo event – featured in the headline image above along with my Ford Escort Mexico MkI.  I drive at some events and marshal at others, but cooking with electricity in a field often starts more of a conversation than my driving!

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Globetrotting with Victron Energy


I stumbled across Simone Monticelli (Simo) and Lucia Gambelli (Lucy) on Facebook and was delighted to discover they are fellow motorcyclists and adventurers. Having said that when it comes to adventures they leave me eating their dust and mud with their wide ranging global travels. Looking at their photos from Royal Enfield motorcycles in the Nepalese mud to Unimogs in the Saharan dust, it was with glee I noticed that telltale Victron blue in one of their photos. I needed to know more and specifically why they chose Victron Energy products for their latest expedition transport.Continue reading

Hazy days of Summer

Because our house is powered entirely by the sun, located on Exmoor, in the UK (an area noted for its ‘weather’), I wondered if now – with the mid-summer solstice just days away – might be a good time to review how our off-grid Photovoltaic system is working-out?Continue reading