Another Shell Foundation-Victron Energy microgrid

In December last year we reported on the first ‘Access to Energy’  Shell Foundation – Victron Energy microgrid in Ligad, North of Palawan island in the Philippines. Thousands of people still live in such areas where there is no access to electricity and the likelihood of any utility grid connection is aeons away. The Shell Foundation however set about changing that with the advent of that initial Ligad microgrid using Victron components. Now there is a second – and as I write this blog a third is also on its way. Power for the powerless is certainly becoming a reality.Continue reading

Jeff Sherman’s neat BMV, MPPT installation and review

When it comes to Truck Campers or indeed Motorhomes, RVs, Campervans or Caravans they all have one thing in common – the great outdoors and increasingly these days a requirement for more on and off-grid power, be it just DC or DC and AC. That means more of everything – likely solar, a generator, an inverter and of course batteries.

As you can see in the headline image above Victron Energy make a complete range of products to cater for this market, just as they do for the boating world and other markets. Choosing what you need and figuring it all out can be quite tricky for the end user. That is of course where Victron dealers and accredited installers come in. Some end users though, like Jeff Sherman, want to do it themselves – and I have to say Jeff’s completed installation is one of the neatest I’ve seen. Maybe his will give you inspiration to have a crack at a DIY installation too, with of course support from your Victron Energy dealer.Continue reading

Gauteng Getaway Show – Victron goes off-road

In South Africa they are clearly very serious about off-road adventure, this being patently obvious with the vehicles on display at last weekend’s Gauteng Getaway Show – many Victron Energy equipped of course.

Courtesy of Safari Centre, their stand included a 4×4 demo vehicle showing how Victron products can enhance any off-road adventure. Visitors found their setup particularly interesting, due to their association with Victron Energy and the fact that they are able to offer a single supplier, total power solution.Continue reading