Fastest Boats under the Sun

The Eneco ZonnebootRace must be the quietest boat race in the world. No gas-guzzling engines; no thrashing sails – just the purr of an electric motor …powered by the sun. Some of these youth boats can reach speeds of 20 km/h.

The annual event has a number of different classes and one of them is particularly challenging: Open to 14 – 17 year olds, entrants must first build their own boat! Continue reading

CLAFIS Victron Energy solar boat team: Drama in the sun

You may recall we’ve reported before on the CLAFIS Victron Energy solar boat team and their successes. This weekend the team returned to the water with their updated 2017 boat Furia III in the hope of continuing their winning ways.

The Eneco Solar Boat Race NK 2017 was held over two match day races. On Friday, May 26th, the Endurance race distance was 52km and on Saturday it was the ’round Akkrum’ race, completing as many laps as possible in a given time. For the last element of the competition it was a sprint race which ended as it did last year at the ‘De Kolk’ railway bridge in Akkrum. Taking these three different race elements into account they were then ‘weighted’, with all of them being counted toward the overall final result.Continue reading

Synercom choose Victron Energy for Battca system

Synercom are based in Brno in the Czech Republic, a city where I had to go and see The Doctor and drink beer. The Doctor didn’t force me to drink beer I may add, so it’s better to let the images below explain why I was there, before I get back to the story about Tomáš Doležal of Synercom and the elegant battery storage system ‘Battca’ shown in the headline image above – allied with Victron Energy system components of course!Continue reading

Lessons learned: Thrusters, Lithium and SOC

Good day,

Calling all dealers, designers and installers.

Recently I’ve been involved in two technical support cases of which I want to share my insights and the lessons learned.

The first is about Battery State of Charge, and especially for systems that include a Color Control GX or Venus GX. The various options can be quite confusing and initially we didn’t have a manual explaining them. We do now!

See the SOC link below. Please take the time to study this carefully. Anyone involved with advising, designing or troubleshooting systems with the aforementioned devices should know this by heart:
Battery State of Charge (SOC)

The second lesson concerns a typical marine topic: bow and/or stern thrusters and their batteries. The conclusion is simple: don’t put thrusters on the house battery, especially don’t do so when using bms protected lithium for the house battery.
The main reasons for that:Continue reading