Winter Solstice

Iron Age

I remember late one night, years ago, walking up to Cissbury Ring, in Sussex. It’s an ancient monument with an Iron Age Hill Fort at the top containing sixty-acres of grassland kept bowling-green-short by the constant nibbling of Southdown sheep and rabbits.

Back then the pubs used to ‘call time’ at ten minutes past eleven.
Drink-up and shove-off! the Landlord would shout into your face in the classy establishment in which I drank. So we drank-up and were just about to shove-off when, because it was such a lovely evening, my friend and I thought we’d try to climb up to Cissbury Ring in the dark. Anything seems possible after five pints of Ruddles County.Continue reading

Comeback kid Yvonne Nauta

Yvonne Nauta is a Dutch Olympic speed skater who celebrated some big successes early in her career culminating in a silver medal at the 2014 European Championships and a bronze medal at the World Championships in that same year. After 2 challenging seasons in 2015 and 2016 she decided to re-join the speed skating team that she was part of being a talented junior, the Frisian District Team ‘Gewest Fryslân’. This team is focused on grooming talented speed skaters in the province of Friesland; Victron is the proud main sponsor of this team.

Joining this successful team again turned out to be a wise decision as Yvonne won a bronze medal at the Dutch National Championships last weekend.

Qualified for the European and World Championships

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Elektro Stumpfl: Enhancing hybrid marine propulsion

All the best to our readers for 2017. Here’s the first blog of this New Year in this fast evaporating decade.

Like Victron Energy, Elektro Stumpfl have been in business for over 40 years. As a valued Victron distributor this enduring relationship has resulted in a high level of technical expertise across a range of markets – something you’d expect from such a long term relationship.

Based in Slovenj Gradec, in northern Slovenia, Elektro Stumpfl are ideally situated in Europe to deal with the marine market, amongst other sectors. One such area (which is of particular interest to myself as my electric propulsion sailing yacht is Victron enhanced) is hybrid marine propulsion.Continue reading