DIY ingenuity: Hydro Power MkII – Part I

You may recall a year ago a blog about Hydro Power, in which Markus Pauritsch used a MPPT solar charge controller loaded and driven by a Pelton wheel water turbine to charge his off-grid cabin battery system in the Austrian Alps.

This year (the last day of 2018 as I write this) things have moved on from one man’s DIY system. The installation has now grown by necessity. Whilst the original install had worked well, that all came to a halt when a summer storm turned the hydro supply stream into a torrent.Continue reading

Event Horses Travel First Class

If you have even a passing interest in Equestrian sports: Horse Racing, Polo, Show Jumping, Dressage or Point to Point, you will know that in order to compete in international events, both Horse and Rider need to arrive in tip-top condition. Horse Truck Ltd. is a bespoke transport maker – helping them do just that.Continue reading

New forum: Victron Community

Over the years there have been many technical questions here on the Victron blog, using Disqus comments. However we’ve found that somewhat unwieldy – so a new forum has been launched – it’s called Victron Community.Continue reading

Calendar 2019 – off the beaten track

You will always have something bright and cheerful to look at, as you navigate your way through 2019, if you order yourself a copy of the stunningly colourful Victron Calendar – out now! This year the theme is enjoying the great outdoors.Continue reading