Instructional video: How to optimise the BMV-700 series sync parameters

Does your BMV state of charge (SOC) synchronise too early or not detect a full charge?

If so it is worth noting there are various settings for differing batteries and systems, to ensure your BMV works correctly.

The default setup and settings are applicable for most situations, however the instructional video below shows you how to optimise the BMV-700 series synchronisation parameters for varying scenarios, to ensure the battery SOC read-out functions correctly.Continue reading

Fully Charged

I don’t know about you but I’m a great fan of Fully Charged, on YouTube, hosted by Robert Llewellyn.

Last Wednesday’s show featured Redflow’s ZCell batteries at Simon Hackett’s home. The day following the show publication and at the time of writing this blog – the show was already showing over 11,000 views. And now, 4 days later,  it’s at 59,000 views on the date of publication of this blog.

We’ve blogged about theZCell batteries before and the fact that Redflow are great fans of Victron Energy products such as the MultiGrid – and so it was all very pleasing to see Robert getting to grips with Victron’s Color Control GX, being shown around Simon’s house, and the Redflow lab which showed a number of Victron Energy Quattro units.Continue reading

Victron Energy people: Who is David Alsina?


This insight is part of the ‘Victron Energy people: Who is who?’ series of blogs.

For a complete list of Victron Energy people in this series please see:

David Alsina

My name is David Alsina; yet another happy member of the Victron Energy blue team. My early life started in Barcelona next to the Mediterranean Sea. Even from those early days travel has been a passion, using any opportunity to get out and explore – near or far – first for pleasure and then later on for work.Continue reading