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Protect your boat from galvanic corrosion

Here is a short guest blog from Victron Energy distributor Energy Solutions, which I hope fellow sailors will find useful. In fact, when I was looking for a galvanic corrosion solution for my own boat I didn’t even realise Victron Energy made them!

And on that note if you want a quick way to see the full range of Victron products, at a glance, I find the pricelist with images in it very handy:

Thanks to Melanie Lay of Energy Solutions for sending me the information used in this blog.

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Configuring solar systems with Quattros and Multis

Good day!

To help determine which settings are the most suitable for different types of solar systems using a Victron Energy Quattro or MultiPlus Inverter/Charger, we have developed a guide: VE.Bus-solar-system-configs (an Excel *.xlsx file). There is also identical content in this PDF guide, for those that don’t have Excel.

This guide is a decision tree that will help installers discuss system installations with their customers. By choosing one answer that best reflects a system (for each of four questions asked) a recommended software configuration will be arrived at. Here are the details of those four questions:Continue reading

MultiPlus magic: Small generator, big power

Have you ever tried to explain to an end user or friend what a Victron Energy MultiPlus is? When that happened to me, it was quite some time before I realised the true value and capabilities of one integrated product that combines both a battery charger and inverter – a product I may add that is far more than the sum of it’s parts.

Up to that point I had simply assumed I would add a separate charger and inverter to my sailing yacht as funds and needs dictated. How wrong I was. Of course the same can be true for other off-grid/sometimes grid connected situations. It might be a campervan, motorhome, RV, canal barge, Tiny house or a cabin in the woods.

Victron and RV aficionados Chris & Cherie of Technomadia describe the MultiPlus best I think, calling it a ‘Hybrid Inverter’. In fact they have produced some excellent videos about their own projects which describe the Multiplus well, and how they use it. More about that later.

First a bit about how I came to integrate a MultiPlus into my boat and what I mainly use it for, including using it as a short term electric propulsion booster or range extender. If that depth of reading detailed below is not your particular interest, then maybe skip to the videos at the end of this blog for a quicker insight into Multiplus magic.Continue reading

Boat electrical installations: combating seawater

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In his last article, Josip Zdenković, a Director of SCHRACK TECHNIK Ltd in Croatia, wrote a blog on the use of Victron Energy equipment on board the vessel Matsko. Josip and his team showed precisely how a ‘surgical incision’ could be done in the vessel’s electrical installation to add a quiet power source for times when the noise of generators is undesirable. He promised to describe at least some basic and general rules about the on-board installation in a further article. Here then, in Josip’s own words, is that article. This time assistance was provided by Dalibor Buljan, also from SCHRACK TECHNIK, in producing the pictures. Here is the previous article.

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