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Lessons learned: Thrusters, Lithium and SOC

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Calling all dealers, designers and installers.

Recently I’ve been involved in two technical support cases of which I want to share my insights and the lessons learned.

The first is about Battery State of Charge, and especially for systems that include a Color Control GX or Venus GX. The various options can be quite confusing and initially we didn’t have a manual explaining them. We do now!

See the SOC link below. Please take the time to study this carefully. Anyone involved with advising, designing or troubleshooting systems with the aforementioned devices should know this by heart:
Battery State of Charge (SOC)

The second lesson concerns a typical marine topic: bow and/or stern thrusters and their batteries. The conclusion is simple: don’t put thrusters on the house battery, especially don’t do so when using bms protected lithium for the house battery.
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Building an unattended battery based energy system

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Lately, I have been involved in several unattended Victron systems. Some of these being large scale containerised systems, such as the one shown above. And now that I think of it; as a system designer or installer you could consider almost all systems as unattended, as there will rarely be a trained Victron technician/installer onsite all of the time.

In that case and in this post I’ll highlight several ideas that I have either seen or that have come to mind whilst helping to make such systems robust and foolproof.

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Protect your boat from galvanic corrosion

Here is a short guest blog from Victron Energy distributor Energy Solutions, which I hope fellow sailors will find useful. In fact, when I was looking for a galvanic corrosion solution for my own boat I didn’t even realise Victron Energy made them!

And on that note if you want a quick way to see the full range of Victron products, at a glance, I find the pricelist with images in it very handy:

Thanks to Melanie Lay of Energy Solutions for sending me the information used in this blog.

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Configuring solar systems with Quattros and Multis

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To help determine which settings are the most suitable for different types of solar systems using a Victron Energy Quattro or MultiPlus Inverter/Charger, we have developed a guide: VE.Bus-solar-system-configs (an Excel *.xlsx file). There is also identical content in this PDF guide, for those that don’t have Excel.

This guide is a decision tree that will help installers discuss system installations with their customers. By choosing one answer that best reflects a system (for each of four questions asked) a recommended software configuration will be arrived at. Here are the details of those four questions:Continue reading