Worldwide Victron VRM portal

Nominations for: The fifth annual Dutch Interactive Awards

When you invest a six figure sum in a project, things start to happen.

Money is one thing, but that certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘ is another. That special something, it turns out, is the VRM portal built by TriMM with investment from Victron; who selected them as their web developers for the project. Now all that hard work has been recognized!

If the VRM promotional video (for the Dutch Interactive Awards) is anything to go by, it’s a solid portent. Do take a look. It is only a minute long, and to my mind very well done.

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VE Power Setup v1.3

Last week we released version 1.3 of VE Power Setup. The most important change is a fix to an issue when connecting to VE.Direct products on non-English versions of Windows. Furthermore there are some small GUI and connection assistant improvements.

Right before v1.3 we also released v1.2. The changes in v1.2 were:

  • Improved VE.Can communications
  • Improved the connection assistant

Drivers for both the CANUSB interface and the VE.Direct USB interface are available on our software downloads page

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Robots - Team Rembrandts

The Robots are coming…

Don’t worry, Victron aren’t about to replace their distribution & dealer network with robots. What they are doing though is sponsoring the next generation of thinkers and engineers.

Team Rembrandts are a group of Dutch high school students who, along with support from their University peers, are building on their success in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) of 2013. In their inaugural year they won the 2013 North Carolina Regional – Rookie All-Star Award.Continue reading