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Update 3rd April 2017: The news referred to in the blog below has been superseded by the weekly newsletter in Victron Professional:

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New Battery Balancer launched: Not all batteries are created equal

Not all batteries are created equal. When using a series string or series/parallel bank to create differing voltages and Ah ratings from individual 12 Volt batteries, we can end up with a variance in terminal voltages on each battery, which causes the batteries to become unbalanced.

This situation is often made even worse by the seemingly ever increasing demands on batteries, to run power hungry equipment.

The consequence of  all this is that an expensive string or bank can fail prematurely, which is costly in both time and money.

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Self-consumption Hub-2 v3 Assistant – a major update

Important update to this blog post: 15th August 2014

Issues discovered with this release

We have underestimated the differing number of combinations and interactions with the Assistant release for the Self-consumption Hub-2 v3, as originally detailed below. It has been released too soon, which has caused several issues and I wish to personally apologize for that. A number of the problems are already fixed. Further fixes are being implemented and a lot of testing is being done as we speak.

What we will do now

The Assistant has been updated just now (late Friday), and it is now clearly marked as a Beta release. Please use this beta to improve systems that have already been configured with the hub-2 v3 Assistant. I recommend to wait a bit if using it on new installations, as it is quite certain that you will need to update anyhow in the coming weeks.
We will inform you here, just as soon as we can, when all issues are solved.

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