VRM App updated for iOS and Android

The latest updated VRM app for Android devices and phones and iPads and iPhones, is now available.

What’s new?

  • Added “horizontal sliding widgets”: in the Sites List, it is possible to scroll the property lists (Battery SOC, Battery State etc).
  • Added the option to add photos to a site. Admins can now add photos of a site underneath the Site details. Regular users can view the photos.

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Lynx Ion + Shunt 600

Lithium Ion simplicity: New Lynx Ion + Shunt 350/600

Integrating components for any system results in simplification and smaller footprints. It’s better to have one smaller integrated unit than two larger ones with additional wiring. This is happily the case with the new combined Lynx Ion + Shunt 350A or 600A battery management system (BMS), which replaces the separate units of the Lynx Ion  and the Lynx Shunt VE.Can. Not only that, but of course the new unit is easier to connect, takes up less space and even costs less. What’s not to like?Continue reading


Victron Toolkit: A new app for Android and iPhone users

Victron Toolkit enables you to:

  • Calculate cable size and voltage drop. Easily select cable length, amperes and cable cross section to determine the voltage drop over the cable.
  • Understand all LED codes from Victron Energy Multi and Quattro inverter/chargers. Scroll through the list of all possible codes. Or tap each LED until all of them blink exactly like the code you see on the product. The app contains normal operation codes, warnings, alarms and error codes.
  • Temperature derating. Calculate output power derating for inverters and chargers for the expected ambient temperature.

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