Gerrit Jacobs

Victron Energy people: Who is Gerrit Jacobs?


This blog is an insight into Gerrit Jacobs, which is part of the ‘Victron Energy people: Who is who?’ series of blogs.

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Gerrit Jacobs

Technology and travel inspire me, so in working with Victron Energy I have found the perfect match. The high degree of product innovation sets Victron apart from the pack.Continue reading

Victron Energy powered Smartflower

From space to earth, solar panels come in many shapes and sizes – but none so pretty it seems as the folded petals of the Smartflower shown above, during a rainstorm in France.

Smartflower is a self stowing, self cleaning, automatic tracking, solar energy solution. Whilst they are usually connected to the grid, now there is an off grid and self consumption ready version, using Victron Energy components.

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Color Control GX v1.28 and VE Power Setup 5.0

Yes, you read that right, two releases in one! Why is that you may ask? Well, because they are related: updating firmware of a Victron product with VE Power Setup no longer erases its configuration: any configuration made is preserved during the update. Both when updating a product connected to your laptop, as well as updating firmware remotely (using the Remote Firmware Update feature). A good improvement, making firmware updates less of a hassle. And there is more to come, as this change also leads to the next step: automatically updating firmware of products connected to a Color Control GX. Primarily for MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, and in case we have any improvements we could do the same for BMV Battery monitors. But for now fully automatic updating is still day dreaming, not reality yet. So more on that later. In this post I will explain the details of both new releases.

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