New enerday 500 watt fuel cell

An interesting image which I took on the Dusseldorf boatshow today. This 500 watt fuel cell is from a German company called New enerday. The fuel cell is running on propane. The dream of many sailers: silently charging batteries. No noise and no smell. It can also run on natural gas, which makes it very interesting for powering homes in countries such as the Netherlands, where many homes are connected to the gas network.

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New version of VRM app available

A new version of our VRM app has been released yesterday, both in the Apple app store, and the Google Play store for Android. An overview has been added: you can now see the solar yield from a PV Inverter. Another nice improvement is that we show kWs per phase, instead of just L1. And there are some more smaller fixes and changes.Continue reading

New firmware for the Color Control GX – v1.11

Finally! I am happy to announce the new firmware release for the Color Control. It was completed last week. There is more good news – the photo above shows the long-awaited batch of 200 pieces. Also, the back-orders (of more than 100!) were shipped last Friday, which still leaves stock to fulfill new orders.


The most important change is a bug fix: the connection between a BMV and the Color Control GX (CCGX) would get lost after a random time. The only way to restore the connection was to power cycle the BMV itself. This is now fixed.Continue reading

BMV-702 insights

Matthijs recently sent me the new BMV-702 for evaluation. What immediately excites me, is the option to integrate the new features of the 702 with a Color Control GX for enhanced monitoring of my onboard systems, using the VRM site.

For now though, I’ve fitted the 702 to my boat and discovered lots of functional and operational improvements, compared to my older 600S. Here are some of my insights into the new 700 series.Continue reading