Updated software: VE Power Setup v1.1 released

The new VE Power Setup tool has been updated. If you already have VE Power Setup installed it will update automatically. If installing for the first time, you can download the latest version (v1.1) from our software downloads page.

In this new version: When your system is scanned but a product is not detected, you can click a ‘Need help connecting?’ button in the home screen. A ‘How to connect your product’ screen, just like the headline picture above, of all Victron products that can be updated using various methods and protocols will be shown. More of that in a moment, but first let’s re-cap what VE Power Setup can do and which products can be updated with it.

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Skylla-i charger and control panel firmware v2.01

First a short introduction to these chargers. The Skylla-i chargers are our high power and can-bus enabled 24V chargers. There are four models:

  • 24V 80A – 1 output
  • 24V 80A – 3 outputs
  • 24V 100A – 1 output
  • 24V 100A – 3 outputs

And there is a remote control panel, the Skylla-i Control GX:


Read the datasheet for more details about all the different features.

Firmware version v2.01 brings one big improvement, suggested to us by Alan Peng, owner of Shenzhen Royal Technology Co, Ltd, our main distributor in China. Besides seven pre-defined battery modes such as gel, agm and lithium, it has two modes where you can set the absorption voltage, float voltage and maximum charger current with three potentiometers. While adjusting one of these, the voltage will now be indicated by the LED bars on the Skylla-i, and on the numeric display (blinking) on the Skylla-i control panel.

You really have to try it yourself to see how simple and fast it is to set up. This is a huge improvement over the old way,  thank you again Alan!


The other changes include:

  • Lithium float voltage changed from 13.35v to 13.5v
  • Improved stability of parallel charging algorithm when disconnecting and reconnecting chargers to the network.


Contact your Victron representative for the necessary files. Updating both the charger and the control panel can be done with VE Power Setup, available for download on our software and downloads page. More information on VE Power Setup is available in the VE Power Setup blog post.

Have a good weekend, Matthijs Vader

Matching solar modules to MPPT charge controllers

Life used to be so simple; in a 12V battery system you took a ‘12V’ solar module, watched carefully that the maximum PV current would not exceed the charge controller maximum current and the system would work.

Unfortunately due to the fact, that with PWM controllers the PV module is not feeding the battery from its maximum power point (MPP), the system loses a lot of energy. In the following diagram you can see, the area of the MPP in blue  (Vmpp * Impp) is up to 30% larger than the PWM area (Vbatt * ~Isc) within the IV curve. IV curve So, with the advent of the newer Victron Energy Blue Solar MPPTs, things changed for the better when compared to PWM solar charge controllers.Continue reading