VictronConnect v1.9

Good morning! A short post, as I should be spending my time swimming with the kids instead of writing blogposts. 😉

Change log v1.9:

  • Phoenix Inverter: Hide “Low battery shut down” setting when dynamic cutoff is enabled.
  • BlueSolar MPPT: Make possible to select 36 and 48V battery voltage on BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 rev2
  • BMV: Include BMV-70x firmware v3.08 update

And the previous one, since I had not made a post about it yet:

Change log v1.8:

  • Include Phoenix Inverter firmware v1.03 update
  • Fix Phoenix Inverter “Low battery shutdown voltage” setting is locked and showing “Dynamic”

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Phoenix Inverters 250, 375 and 500VA – Dynamic Cut-off

Good afternoon!

Recently released, but two weeks ago, is the new Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct firmware version v1.03, which besides a few internal changes, has a major new feature – the addition of Dynamic Cut-off. Some of you may know it from Hub-4. What it does is this: instead of using one fixed battery voltage as the low battery shutdown level, it also looks at the battery current. This makes sense, as we all know battery voltage drops when putting a load on it; caused by the internal resistance of a battery bank.

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CLAFIS Victron Energy solar boat team: World champions!

As you may recall from the blog ‘Winning ways‘ at the weekend, the CLAFIS Victron Energy solar boat team were doing well in the provisional results, but it was uncertain if they would actually retain the championship. However as you can see from the headline image they did it – world solar boat champions!

Here’s a round up of the week’s events direct from the team, after a week of solar racing from Amsterdam to Leeuwarden.

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Sulubaaï Foundation: Off-grid protected paradise

It’s a dream of many to live on an island paradise. For a few this became reality when a of team of ocean lovers got together and created the Sulubaaï Foundation. Based on Pangatalan Island, shown above, this is where Fred Tardieu and his wife Chris live and work – protecting the island and surrounding area together, along with their colleagues and visitors.

Their projects include: coral reef restoration, mangrove regrowth, re-vegetation of the island, education for local communities and schools, marine science courses and volunteer stays. But even projects of vision require electricity. More of that in a moment, but first a little background.Continue reading