Nigel Calder and the Integrel 9kW ‘Alternator on Steroids’

The screenshot above is that of world renowned yachting systems author Nigel Calder in the Triskel Marine lab with their new to market Integrel product, which makes some powerful claims – up to five to ten times the output of a conventional alternator.

Integrel stands for Intelligent Generation of Electricity and as you can see – Victron products are part of the system. But what exactly is Integrel?

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STEPSOVER World Tour – A helping hand

It’s almost a year ago today that we published the blog  – Globetrotting with Victron Energy.

Things have certainly moved on since then for Simone Monticelli (Simo), Lucia Gambelli (Lucy) and their Victron equipped globetrotting truck, Valentino – named after possibly the most famous GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi.

To date this intrepid couple and their 4×4 supertruck have over 500 days of travel with 13 countries crossed and 3 different continents under their belts – as this map shows.Continue reading

Bakker Yachting Electronics: Victron equipped Jet Cat

Anytime Peter Bakker of Bakker Yachting Electronics gets in touch with me, I know it’ll be about a high quality design and installation. Previously it was about luxury sailing catamarans. This time though I got even more excited, as Peter’s most recent project is a 19.5 m DSV (Dive Support Vessel) Jet Cat.Why so excited you may ask?

These days I’m a leisure sailor, but in earlier times I was a Jet Cat Workboat Master and dive support ROV Pilot. So it’s not surprising that this Incat Crowther designed 1900 DSV Workboat you see pictured above, built by Legacy Marine South Africa for Stapem Offshore, takes me right back to my offshore commercial working days. Be it above or below the surface those professions have to be the most fun times I’ve ever had at sea. Mind you off the Beaufort scale winds with 60 ft waves, in a Cod war, in my youthful Royal Navy steam engineering days bordered on fear, more than fun!

Back to the present. Anything to do with diving is all about safety and system redundancy – where systems have to be to a quality specification and to standards that ensures the safety of the vessel, vessel crew and the divers they work with. The Stapem Beluga Cat is such a beast, being the first of two built by the Legacy Marine Group, certified to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards for this class of vessel.

Why not take a look at this video of the Stapem Beluga, before we investigate the Victron kit onboard.

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Big, Bad & American: New 120V 10kVA Quattro

The newest 120V model (48/10000/140-100/100 120V) Quattro for 48V battery systems gives 10kVA continuous output inverter power at 25°C, with 140A of battery charging power and two 120V AC inputs, having a maximum feed through current of 100A each. A serious piece of kit designed for the American market.Continue reading