Victron Energy people: Who is David Alsina?


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David Alsina

My name is David Alsina; yet another happy member of the Victron Energy blue team. My early life started in Barcelona next to the Mediterranean Sea. Even from those early days travel has been a passion, using any opportunity to get out and explore – near or far – first for pleasure and then later on for work.Continue reading

Smelling Good…

Man’s best friend is not always his best companion.

It’s that canine habit of trying to blend outdoor interests of muddy fields, rotting sea-weed, and chasing furry animals through hedges with those indoor luxuries he allows himself:  a good shake on the Persian rug followed by a lie-down on the soft furnishings, which cause most domestic stress.Continue reading

Instructional video: How to connect the BMV-700 battery monitor

From time to time we hear of people saying they can’t see the loads on their BMV battery monitor – this is down to incorrect wiring. This new instructional video is an aid to ensure the BMV is wired correctly.

BMV-700 series models

There are 3 model variants within the BMV series range: BMV-700 & BMV-702 (6.5- 95 VDC supply voltage range) and the BMV-700HS (60– 385 VDC supply voltage range). The principal function of the BMV series is to follow and indicate the state-of-charge of a battery. The video below gives clear instructions to ensure the BMV-700 and related models are wired correctly.

For the additional functionality that the BMV-702 provides, namely starter battery or temperature or mid-point voltage monitoring, please see the quick install guide.

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