VictronConnect 1.7 – Android 6 compatibility and more

Good morning all,

Next step in making life easier: VictronConnect version v1.7 has been released. It includes three major improvements:

  1. Save the 30 day history of a solar charger as a CSV file
  2. Convert the data log that the Color Control GX saves on SD cards and USB sticks to an Excel file
  3. Fixed several Android 6 related Bluetooth connection issues

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Color Control GX v1.60

Good morning!

Version v1.60 is now available. Containing one fix:

When using Hub-1 Assistant, policy 4 “Prevent feeding back energy to grid”, in combination with VE.Direct MPPT firmware version v1.17 or later, the MPPTs stopped charging. The problem was introduced in the previous firmware version (v1.51) and is now fixed.

Note that we have also changed our internal procedures to prevent issues like this from happening again.

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Intersolar Europe 2016: Smart solutions from Victron Energy

Intersolar Europe is billed as the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and it’s partners. With over a 1,000 exhibitors this year, that does seems to be the case – and Victron Energy are naturally a part of it, having a large stand of their own with many of Victron’s partners featuring Victron Energy products on their stands too.

Today is the first day of what we trust will be a very successful and busy show; with visitors from Europe, Africa and Latin America. If you are near the Munich area why not take the opportunity to have a look around.Continue reading

Color Control GX v1.51

Good morning!

Last night we released v1.51. A short release this time, containing two new features and one fix.

Integrated Hub-1 for VE.Direct BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers

With this new feature the Color Control operates as a communication bridge between Multis, or Quattros, and Solar chargers with a VE.Direct port. It is no longer necessary to configure the absorption and float voltages in the MPPTs higher than the same in the Multi: the Multi now has full control over the MPPT. To maximize feed-in, it will tell the MPPT to keep operating at its Maximum Power Point, even though the batteries don’t need more charge.Continue reading