KJION Energy SA: Secretive solar

It’s not often we’re unable to say who the customer is, but in this installation that will need to remain a secret. Let’s just say it’s about governments and politics.

Secrecy aside this project is yet another example of Fronius and Victron Energy products working together for grid backup and supplemental energy systems; the initial collaboration between Fronius and Victron having been announced at Intersolar Europe in 2015. An example installation that resulted from this announcement was for an unnamed affluent client, who built a second home in the Kenyan bush. Here then is another collaborative project example.

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Color Control GX v1.70

Good afternoon!

A few hours ago v1.70 was made official. It has several very welcome new features, and the one that I’d like to highlight is the addition of a new overview. It is designed for Marine and RV applications, and gives direct access to the AC Current limit as well as the On/Off/Charger only settings. Also it can show up to four tank levels; for example a fuel tank, grey water tank, fresh water tank and control a pump, such as a water pump in an RV. See the headline image above for the end result.

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Maybe like me you are constantly surprised by the extent and diversity of sponsorship projects that Victron Energy are involved with. Some projects are simply charitable and for good causes, others are all about investing in the technicians of the future. This project seems to contain all these factors.

IMAGINE LIGHT, in Ecuador’s Amazon, is a project which has been instigated and implemented by LOVE FOR LIFE®  with the help of a variety of sponsors, which includes Victron Energy. In principal this project is all about empowering a total of 44 families (from five rainforest communities) by supplying them with solar powered lighting systems.

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