Connecting different sized Victron Energy PV modules: Series or Parallel?

Most Victron Energy technical questions are answered by Victron Energy dealers or by contacting Victron Energy customer service on +31(0)36 5359703 or emailing them at Others get answered here on the blog and on Victron Live, using the Disqus comments section.

Sometimes the sales team receive them directly too. Here is one question received by Bob Hopman about whether you can place different sized Victron Energy PV modules together and whether series or parallel is best. I found this one interesting, hence a short blog.

John Rushworth

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Kylie encouragement for the Coxless Crew

As the Coxless crew approached Samoa they had to dig even deeper than usual to reach this next ocean rowing goal, due to the prevailing conditions. Samoa is the second of their milestone stopovers, since leaving San Francisco in mid April this year. How nice then that their patron Kylie Minogue sent them a message of encouragement during those tough conditions.

Arrival in Samoa

Kylie’s message must have worked though – as the team arrived safely in Apia, Samoa at 8.40pm UK time on Sunday 1st November. After 96 days at sea since departing Hawaii, Laura, Emma, Natalia and Lizanne stepped ashore as you can see in the image below. Apologies for the image quality of this important moment, but in this instance it is the quality of the moment that counts.

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Nuarro Lodge Mozambique

Nuarro Lodge: Sustainable and responsible tourism in Mozambique

Behind the scenes, powering the Nuarro Lodge lighting shown above, is a newly upgraded Victron Energy hybrid-30kVA, 3-phase system with 38kWp of solar power. The Lodge though is but one part of the Nuarro project that Victron Energy and their partner companies are involved with.

Pristine, off-grid and remote

Nuarro Lodge, its associated chalets, activities and community based projects all form part of this award winning complex. Situated beneath the aqua blue skies of northern Mozambique, Nuarro is adjacent to unspoilt sands and the warm crystal clear coral reef waters of the Indian Ocean.Continue reading

Coxless Crew Track

Victron Energy: Power in the Pacific

In mid April this year four courageous young women left San Francisco to row across the Pacific Ocean for charity, backed by their patron Kylie Minougue and a dedicated support team. Since then they have made their first land stopover in Hawaii and are now within 400 miles of their next replenishment in Samoa. The track of their boat (called Doris) is shown in the headline image above.

To gain some more insight into this amazing challenge and their fundraising for the women of Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care, here are the initial and follow-up blogs about the Coxless Crew and Doris.

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