New Blogger – John Rushworth


My name is John Rushworth. As a  satisfied user of Victron products, Matthijs has asked me to write a few words about my experiences for this blog.

My interest is primarily in the electric propulsion of small sailing yachts. I converted my own 26′ sailing yacht Elektra to direct drive electric propulsion. In doing so I wanted a supplier that could provide all the ancillary products I needed under one roof, together with good technical documentation. I found one and that is why I’m here.

My system is a 2.5 kW direct drive which gives me a top speed of 5 knots and a cruise speed of 4.  At 4 knots I use 750 Watts. I use a Phoenix 24/25 600 Watt charger together with a Phoenix Charger Control. An Orion 24/12-40 DC/DC Converter provides my 12 Volt DC House Loads.

My battery monitor is a BMV-602S, but I found I wanted more information than was available in that model. Recently I’ve fitted the new BMV-702. I particularly like the instant Watts read-out, so I can easily compare power used with actual boat speed. It saves doing sums in my head! I’ll post some more about the BMV-700 Series as I get to grips with the new features.

Future plans are to fit solar to my boat. A 140 Watt panel should harvest around 350 Watts/day in summer, at my location. I plan to use a BlueSolar  MPPT 75/15 to achieve that. Also of particular interest to me is the Color Control GX and integrating that with the VRM portal. It will be fun and interesting to see how an electric boat is actually used, in a web based format.

Personally I think we’ll see more boats going electric as the market grows and I believe Victron are well placed to take advantage of that, particularly now they have partnered with Oceanvolt.

Here is a small article I wrote recently, about my vision for the future, in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International. It’s called ‘Sailing Silence’.

So, that is a bit about me and why I use Victron Energy products. I’ll post more on the BMV-700 Series soon.

John Rushworth.



On my desk this morning: Victron Calendar

Guess what I found on my desk this morning? The result of our secret calendar project! The whole project has been managed by Marianka Pranger. She even took all but one of the photos herself. Marianka is our web editor, taking care of documentation translations, layouts, brochures and many other tasks.

And now we know, that besides doing all that, she has a fantastic creative and photographic talent. It is really remarkable.

Photos have been taken at many cool locations, such as Schiphol Airport, the highest building in Rotterdam, the Amsterdam Hospital AMC and our warehouse DSV in Rotterdam. All powered by Victron.

The calendar is available in limited quantities. Distribution will be taken care of by our area managers, dealers and distributors.

Matthijs Vader / Victron Energy.




Oceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy

The Finnish electric propulsion specialist Oceanvolt enters to a two-way relationship with Victron Energy. Oceanvolt and Victron Energy will integrate their products to work as a unified system, which will form the base of Oceanvolts SEA® (Silent Electric Autonomy) concept. Oceanvolt SEA® system enables among other things running your A/C and other appliances without using your generator by converting the electricity from the propulsion system battery into 230VAC.

Hub-1 working!

Look carefully at above image. What do you see?

You see a Multi connected to mains. Its charger is in storage mode: the batteries are full. And you see a MPPT Solar Charger 150/70 putting 1113 Watts on the DC bus.

The Multi is converting it back into AC, and since there are no significant loads, it is being backfed into the grid. This system, with DC coupled PV and the ability to backfeed into the grid is what we call Hub-1. As opposed to Hub-2 and Hub-3 which are installations where the PV is AC-coupled using PV grid converters.