Sailing Today test: Victron MultiPlus comes out top

The April issue of the renowned Sailing Today magazine includes an extensive comparison of inverter/chargers, and we came out  TOP. Here is what they had to say:


 Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120

“A heavy piece of kit built to withstand anything. Dutch manufacturer,
Victron, is well known in the marine market for its steadfastly-built
electrical kit and the MultiPlus combi is no exception. This baby needs
serious bolting to a bulkhead and at 19kg all-in you don’t want to drop it
on your foot!

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VEConfigure3 updated

Good morning!

Almost two weeks ago, we released an update of VEConfigure3This post is to inform you of the changes.

And on top of those changes, there is something else: all the text in the ‘Assistants’ has been translated to Spanish, German and French. These translations will be available later today. Just start VEConfigure3 whilst connected to the Internet, and it will download the updated files automatically. One exception: the translation of the Hub-1 assistant will be finished later this week.

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Off-Grid Cabin

Off-Grid Color Control GX to VRM Portal Connectivity

Update 02 January 2015

One for you Ocean Sailors.

If you are planning to visit the London Boat Show at the ExCel Centre, taking place from 9th to 18th January 2015 then MailASail Satellite Communications may be well worth a visit. They will be exhibiting on stand A056 and featuring their new Red Box router as part of an interactive display for the duration of the show.

“Discover how to integrate your onboard communications systems & feed your instruments’ NMEA & AIS data into the Red Box to then share this information over Wi-Fi with the plethora of ‘apps’ that are now available to the modern sailor using a smartphone or tablet onboard.”

Their teleport-it compression technologies helps keep the cost of Sat comms down.

The router also takes a 3G dongle.

MailASail have the following special offers for the duration of the show:

Red Box – normal RRP £449+VAT, London Boat Show price £299+VAT

WiFi Bat – normal RRP £299+VAT, London Boat Show price £199+VAT

Update December 4th 2014

In addition to the May update below, please keep an eye on the comments section, for the connectivity experiences of other users. Following on from the recent METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) a number of updated combined wireless and mobile broadband solutions have come to light. They are more comprehensive and rugged than the traditional home Wi-Fi/3G/4G routers many of us are using. Whilst more expensive they may well suit boat, RV owners or any harsh environment applications. Here are a few suggestions to check out: – Pro model released end of 2014 – Comprehensive range of products – DAME award winner

Update May 12th 2014: the 3G router solution, as explained in this blogpost, works very well. Many of our customers are using it already. Making the VGR2 or any other USB mobile broadband dongle work 100% stable is a lot of work. We have therefore decided to postpone the ‘support USB mobile broadband dongles’ project. This allows us to focus on other things first, for example Wifi dongle support, Remote VEConfigure and improving the overviews.

For the grid connected amongst you, with land based broadband who run a CCGX and use the VRM Portal – it is easy to connect the CCGX, so it talks, to the VRM Portal and uploads your data.

It’s simply a question of plugging an ethernet cable into a spare port on your broadband router and then into the CCGX. The router will automatically allocate the CCGX a local IP address on your home/business network. Obviously you need to check on your CCGX, that logging is enabled and that an IP address has been allocated. It will likely be in the 192.168.*.* range. Assuming you have set up a VRM account correctly, then the Victron equipment  connected to your CCGX will send and log that data via your broadband router to the VRM site.

So what about us off-grid types? As the CCGX runs a fast, lighweight flavour of the Linux operating system, most any USB mobile broadband dongle can be made to work with it. Therein lies the rub as they say. ‘Can’ is the key word here, as USB 3G/4G Modem support is still being worked on for the CCGX, by the Victron team.Continue reading