VEConfigure3 Assistants update

Almost all VEConfigure3 Assistants have been improved last week. This post summarizes all changes made. The starting point for more documentation about a certain Assistant is the Assistant itself. Start VEConfigure3, go to Port selection and then choose ‘Fake target with full options’ to get access without having to connect to actual Victron hardware.

For more information on Assistants in general, and how to obtain the necessary firmware for a Multi, refer to the Updating your Multi and Computer to VEConfigure3 document on our software downloads page.

Wishing you a happy weekend, and some distraction free time and concentration to read all information below!

Matthijs / Victron.

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Silence please!

Last week we started and also completed the development of a small but very useful assistant: ‘Silence fan’.

The fans in certain models of our Multi and Quattro Inverter/Chargers can be quite noisy, especially in the dead of night in your motor home, RV or boat; very annoying, we know. And since you have all night, it isn’t necessary for the Multi to charge at maximum amperage .

I am happy to present a solution! Wire a simple on/off switch to an input of your choice: the Auxiliary input or to the Temperature sense input. And add and configure the ‘Silence fan’ assistant. The motor home owner can then enable and disable the fans with that switch. During charge, the charger will reduce its output current. Not immediately, but only after the internal temperature has increased over the threshold. And when inverting, the Multi will have a reduced maximum inverter power. It will switch off and reach the temperature  alarm faster. Because many people might be OK with a reduced charge, but still like to run the coffee machine without first having to remember the switch, we have added an option to only disable the fans in charge-mode.

Many thanks to our German distributor Transwatt, for their suggestions!

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New enerday 500 watt fuel cell

An interesting image which I took on the Dusseldorf boatshow today. This 500 watt fuel cell is from a German company called New enerday. The fuel cell is running on propane. The dream of many sailers: silently charging batteries. No noise and no smell. It can also run on natural gas, which makes it very interesting for powering homes in countries such as the Netherlands, where many homes are connected to the gas network.

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