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Instructional video: How to optimise the BMV-700 series sync parameters

Does your BMV state of charge (SOC) synchronise too early or not detect a full charge?

If so it is worth noting there are various settings for differing batteries and systems, to ensure your BMV works correctly.

The default setup and settings are applicable for most situations, however the instructional video below shows you how to optimise the BMV-700 series synchronisation parameters for varying scenarios, to ensure the battery SOC read-out functions correctly.Continue reading

Instructional video: How to connect the BMV-700 battery monitor

From time to time we hear of people saying they can’t see the loads on their BMV battery monitor – this is down to incorrect wiring. This new instructional video is an aid to ensure the BMV is wired correctly.

BMV-700 series models

There are 3 model variants within the BMV series range: BMV-700 & BMV-702 (6.5- 95 VDC supply voltage range) and the BMV-700HS (60– 385 VDC supply voltage range). The principal function of the BMV series is to follow and indicate the state-of-charge of a battery. The video below gives clear instructions to ensure the BMV-700 and related models are wired correctly.

For the additional functionality that the BMV-702 provides, namely starter battery or temperature or mid-point voltage monitoring, please see the quick install guide.

Continue reading

Cold Tinny Cobber?

Confused by the heading – it’s informal Australian for would you like a cold beer my friend?

Aussies like their cold tinnies, but what to do when camping in the wilds away from a fridge and even worse what if you are travelling by a luggage space restricted motorcycle – or to put it another way – not enough beer room! That wasn’t going to stop thirsty Mike Haydon of 24 Hour Solar Power and his riding buddy. Continue reading

Victron power improves student learning time

It’s always good to start a new year with a positive story.

In developing nations education is often key to improving the society. Recently Alp Tilev, Managing Director of Great Lakes Energy in Rwanda, got in touch with me about an educational project for which they were fortunate enough to win the bid – to install a 4kWp off-grid system for the Kepler university’s program in Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda.

The project was funded in part by a grant from the Humanitarian Education Accelerator, a project of DFID, UNICEF, and UNHCR to promote successful scaling of promising education initiatives for refugees.

Based on the above that sounds a particularly worthwhile project I’d say to kick us off into 2018 – and one that Alp and his business have clearly enjoyed doing.Continue reading