Bigger batteries: More Ah needed?

It’s a complaint I often hear – ‘My leisure batteries aren’t big enough and they keep going flat quickly.’

This blog is primarily aimed at motorhome, RV, campervan, caravan, commercial vans, boat and yacht owners – concerning the issue of more battery capacity needed, with different ways to achieve that.

When running out of amps many assume their leisure batteries have failed, yet often this is not the case. It’s more how, where, when and what the batteries are used for. Things like cold temperatures, high loads and deep discharges affect battery capacity (Ah) and life. And certainly these days we often place greater demands on leisure batteries than the original system design may have intended. This presents a dilemma.Continue reading

Sunny days ahead for the TU Delft Solar Boat team

We at Victron have recently extended our sponsorship to include a hard-working team of young scientists who are building a solar-powered hydrofoil. In addition to the annual Dutch solar boat race at Akkrum, they’ve set themselves some exciting goals for 2019 – let’s meet the team.

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Is it Impossible: uniting the world’s youth across borders?

Impossible Robotics – the Dutch student/inventors who compete in the global FIRST Robotics Competition –  have learned that Science can solve humanity’s problems when the world’s youth work together. That ethos lies at the heart of the FIRST organisation which is a not-for-profit charity fostering a global interest in science amongst young people, whilst encouraging teamwork and competition in an environment of mutual respect …Gracious Professionalism.

Impossible Robotics are living that philosophy, and this year have devised a schedule which demonstrates it powerfully:

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