The Victron Energy head office is powered by solar energy.

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Inside the Victron MultiPlus with Johannes Boonstra

A detailed explanation of how the MultiPlus works

It’s sometime ago since I wrote about how I used a MultiPlus on an electric sailing yacht – MultiPlus magic: Small generator, big power. I wish Johannes had done this new video back then – I might not have had to do so much reading to discover how they work!

Here then is that new video with work colleague Johannes Boonstra explaining the MultiPlus and how it works.

John Rushworth


The video producer is Jonathan Cecil.

The video was filmed at Midland Chandlers in the UK, who have four well stocked showrooms based in Preston Brook (Warrington), Braunston (Daventry), Penkridge (Staffordshire) and Willington (Derbyshire). Midland Chandlers have been established for over 40 years and are a Victron Energy dealer and market leader in the supply of equipment for inland waterways craft.


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