Shining lights…

Specialized Solar Systems, based in South Africa, have set themselves an ambitious target: To become the Electricity utility provider for disconnected rural communities all over South Africa.

The national electricity grid system simply does not supply electricity to many remote and outlying areas – the cost of infrastructure being prohibitive. Specialized Solar Systems – or Triple S, as they like to be known – are implementing a plan to provide overlooked communities with the electricity they need. Their plan will change lives.Continue reading

Another Shell Foundation-Victron Energy microgrid

In December last year we reported on the first ‘Access to Energy’  Shell Foundation – Victron Energy microgrid in Ligad, North of Palawan island in the Philippines. Thousands of people still live in such areas where there is no access to electricity and the likelihood of any utility grid connection is aeons away. The Shell Foundation however set about changing that with the advent of that initial Ligad microgrid using Victron components. Now there is a second – and as I write this blog a third is also on its way. Power for the powerless is certainly becoming a reality.Continue reading