New style MultiPlus set to replace earlier Compacts

A sleeker, more modern looking MultiPlus in the 500VA – 800VA range with voltages of 12, 24 and 48V is set to replace the earlier MultiPlus Compact range. If you are familiar with Victron Energy products you might just have noticed that 48V is now included in the new range, which wasn’t the case with the Compacts. The new range is gradually being introduced. Here are the ones planned for stock at the end of July.Continue reading

The sound of silence…

The holy grail of Mediterranean sailing is finding a deserted anchorage in paradise – azure sea, unspoiled island in the background, cocktail-in-hand, and the setting sun pouring out its gold onto the water.

What a lot of photos can’t tell you is that the noise of the ship’s generator is echoing back to you from the rocky shore, and no one can hear themselves think! Not so with the Gulet Stella MarisContinue reading

World Vision Romania – A brighter Future

Christian humanitarian organisation World Vision is committed to helping parents and their children who are disadvantaged by poverty and offering them a brighter future.

Rising to that challenge in Romania, Lucian Popescu who runs ProWatt – the Bucharest-based Victron Energy distributor – began in 2015 to provide off-grid domestic electricity, free of charge, to impoverished rural families with the intention that their children could study effectively and comfortably …rather than by candlelight.Continue reading