New product: Octo GX – a member of the GX Product Family

Recently announced at METS the Octo GX is a Venus-device and a member of the GX Product Family, which consists of the Color Control GX, Venus GX, Octo GX and the CANvu GX.

The new Octo GX is the best fit for installations that have many MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, as it has 10 VE.Direct ports.

The GX Product Family

At a glance details can be seen in the image below. For further information see the GX Product Family page.

Octo GX

The Octo GX is DIN-rail mountable, so it’s compatible with existing industry standard control boards. It has many interfaces, allowing control and monitoring of over a dozen Victron components simultaneously. Also and very handy for ESS systems – it has a built-in RS485 port.

Octo GX applications include large integrated commercial or industrial electrical systems where you may have a control room with many VE.Direct MPPT’, Multiplus Inverter/Chargers and CANBus devices.

Further information can be found on the Octo GX product page.


There’s a Venus-device to suit your needs – we trust the new Octo GX adds to and expands the growing GX Product Family range.

The first stock of the Octo GX is expected in early January.

John Rushworth

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