CCGX v2.04 and v2.05: various small fixes

Good morning,

Recently v2.04 and v2.05 have been released. Both contain various small fixes and improvements.

v2.06 – 11 April 2017

  • Add support for USB-Wifi dongles to the Venus GX: its internal WiFi signal reception is not very good.

v2.05 – 5 April 2017

  • Fix VE.Bus devices missing, in certain cases, after upgrading to v2.00 or later. This problem occurred when the CCGX was restarted, or its power had been cut, shortly after completing the upgrade. Thank you Bernd W. for helping to find and fix this.

v2.04 – 30 March 2017

  • Fix VE.Bus maximum current limit . If the VE.Bus system was found only after the CCGX is already running (e.g. if it was off during startup of the CCGX, or connected later) the maximum current limit would be set to 40A, instead of the actual maximum. In such cases the current limit could not be set above 40A.
  • Add the tank levels to the ModbusTCP register list.
  • Fix bug in ESS: in (very) rare situations, systems with an MPPT Charge Controller, and no BMV, could get stuck at 85% SOC.


To update a CCGX that is already running v2.00 or later, see the update instructions. Note that most of those systems will automatically update themselves during the night.

To update a CCGX still running  v1.74 or earlier, you need to -manually- upgrade it. See the upgrade to v2 instructions.

Have a good day, Matthijs