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CCGX: Upgrading to v2


Updating a CCGX from v1.74 to a newer version requires a one time manual upgrade. It can’t be done automatically.

This document explains how to do the manual upgrade.

Once upgraded, updates can be installed normally again. Procedure for normal firmware updates is in the Color Control GX Manual.

Upgrade procedure

A microSD card is needed. It is not possible to use an USB stick.

The upgrade procedure:

  1. Get a microSD card. The card needs to be formatted with either a FAT or FAT32 file system. Preferably use a card of 32GB or smaller, as larger cards are often hard to format with mentioned FAT file systems. The upgrade requires less than 150MB on the card.
  2. Above link always points to the latest available version.
  3. Unzip it, and put its contents on the card.
  4. Click ‘Safely remove hardware’ or another eject function on your computer.
  5. Take the card out
  6. Insert the card into the Ccgx
  7. Press and hold (!) button E
  8. Shortly press A and B at the same time (still hold button E!)
  9. The screen will now briefly switch off, then turn solid blue and show ‘prepare update’
  10. Release button E
  11. Next you’ll see the update progressing, all kinds of technical details flying by.
  12. After approximately 2 minutes, you’ll see “Remove SD/USB medium and reset system”
  13. So, remove the card, and press buttons A and B again to reboot.

Upgrade from 1.x to 2.18 is now complete! But make sure to double check a few things:

  • All settings in the connected devices (Multis, BMV, Solar Charger etcetera) won’t be affected.
  • Also all settings in the ccgx won’t be affected. But still it is good to double check that.
  • Especially double check wifi and/or ethernet passwords and IP configuration.
  • There are additional versions of VenusOS that have been released since this update image. To finish updating to the latest version, you can now follow the normal version 2.x firmware update instructions here.


It reboots but doesn't start the upgrade; instead it does a normal boot

Solution: Make sure to hold (!) button E till the upgrade starts

A blue screen is shown while booting and after ~1 minute, "Starting" is displayed

This means that the button pressing procedure was done OK, but that the CCGX did not find an update on the sd card. Common causes:

  1. There is a problem with the formatting of the microSD card. Make sure it is formatted as FAT or FAT32.
  2. Not all files are on the microSD card. Make sure to unzip the zip file and put all contents on the root folder on the card.
  3. The sdcard is broken. (very rare, check item 1 and 2 first)
  4. The sdcard-slot on the CCGX is broken. (also very rare)

The screen stays solid blue (no Victron logo) and stays like that forever

Make sure button A is released after resetting. Pressing both A and E after a reset will interrupt the boot. Try again, and release A before B.

"Update image not found. Error installing software"

This means that the button pressing procedure was done OK. And the sdcard is properly formatted.

Possible causes:

  1. the .swu file is missing on the sdcard. Make sure to unzip all files on the sdcard;
  2. the sdcard slot in the CCGX is broken: contact your dealer for a replacement;
  3. A device, mostly a BMV or MPPT, is connected to VE.Direct port 1. Try disconnecting that, and retry. Did that help? Please let us know by posting what happened here below in Disqus.
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