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Smelling Good…

Man’s best friend is not always his best companion.

It’s that canine habit of trying to blend outdoor interests of muddy fields, rotting sea-weed, and chasing furry animals through hedges with those indoor luxuries he allows himself:  a good shake on the Persian rug followed by a lie-down on the soft furnishings, which cause most domestic stress.

That’s why doggy parlours have become popular – even more so if the parlour can come to you.

Mobile Doggy Parlour

Mobile dog grooming salons only really work when they’re entirely self-contained with no need to connect to a hot water supply or plug into mains ‘hook-ups’.

Trouble is, the list of on-board electrical equipment is quite long:

Work space

Energy Solutions – who work with K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies to design and build mobile parlours – prefer to meet that electrical demand by building their solutions around Lithium batteries:

They’re substantially smaller and lighter than an equivalent gel battery, and they deliver exceptional power returns and life expectancy. In the K9 situation this allows more space for work apparatus and longer intervals between batteries needing replacing.

Energy Solutions typically specify an on-board installation which comprises:

1x Victron Phoenix MultiPlus 12v 3000vA 120A 230V

1x Victron LiFePO4 Battery 12.8V/200Ah

1x Victron VE.Bus BMS

1x Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor

1x Victron Cyrix-Li-Charge 12/24V-120A intelligent charge relay

Three Lithium batteries form the power base for this installation

Since it’s establishment in 1996 Energy Solutions have grown from 4 to 38 employees. By choosing quality components and paying attention to detail in the design of their off-grid systems they now work in industries as diverse as Outside Broadcast; Humanitarian Aid; Farming; Marine; and ‘Glamping’.

And they’re committed to continuing their work to promote harmony between man and his best friend.

Friend and Companion

Justin Tyers


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