MultiGrid 3000 VA accolade & availablity

How’s your inbox? I’m sure many of us have difficulty keeping track of email, especially if you are subscribed to lists and press releases for work. Some catch your eye, others not. Of course when Victron is mentioned I’m always curious and pay attention!

Below are the salient parts of a press release from Redflow that lauds Victron Energy’s MultiGrid 48/3000 – now approved for connection to the Australian electricity grid.

We’ve blogged about Redflow previously as energy storage disruptors. In principal, as far as Victron are concerned, their Redflow ZBM (zinc-bromine flow battery) is well integrated into the Color Control GX and therefore a perfect partner for our range of Bi-directional Battery Inverters (MultiPlus etc.)

What is MultiGrid?

A step back first; some of you might not know about the new MultiGrid. In fact on checking stock levels using the Victron P&A App I see the 24V version is already sold out and there is diminishing – but in the process of being replenished stock for the 48V.

The new MultiGrid is important because some countries require certification for home grid connections – and this is what home grid connected customers have been waiting for. At present for example there is approval for Germany under VDE-AR-N 4105. Others countries (per this blog) have been certified too, plus additional countries will follow that.

To sum up the MultiGrid, when compared to the MultiPlus:

Several hardware and firmware modifications were needed to qualify for VDE-AR-N 4105, which is a Germany specific energy storage related standard. The resulting product is a country specific MultiGrid.

Whilst we wait for other country specific certification, here’s the important bits concerning certification for the Australian market taken from the Redflow press release.

Victron plans

Victron’s Area Manager for Oceania Margreet Leeftink said Victron had sought AS4777.2 certification for the MultiGrid 48/3000 to meet customer demand. “We have an increasing number of customers, in Australia and overseas, who want to use Victron inverters with grid-connected systems,” she said.

“This is just our first grid-ready model. We are planning to progressively release AS4777-compliant models throughout our battery inverter range during the rest of this year.”

Redflow applause

Australian energy storage specialist Redflow Limited has welcomed news that Victron Energy’s MultiGrid 48/3000 battery inverter is now approved for connection to the Australian electricity grid.

The MultiGrid 48/3000 is a version of Victron’s popular MultiPlus 48/3000 inverter enhanced to meet the AS/NZS 4777.2:2015 standard for grid connection of energy systems via battery inverters. The Victron MultiGrid 48/3000 inverter is now listed on the Clean Energy Council website.

Redflow CEO Simon Hackett said the availability of the Victron MultiGrid 48/3000 inverter for grid-connected battery systems was good news for consumers. “Victron inverters are easy to configure, they work beautifully with ZCell and they are competitively priced,” he said.

Simon Hackett with his home battery system.

“Victron inverters have proved popular with ZCell customers who install off-grid energy storage systems, so AS4777.2 approval makes these inverters available to a much larger market. Victron inverters integrate easily with one-battery ZCell systems and are fully compatible with all major brands of AC solar inverters. This certification builds on the strength of the Victron product line in off-grid scenarios where it has a long pedigree in Australia.”


Thanks to John Harris, Managing Director of Impress Media Australia, for the press information used in this blog.

John Rushworth


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